Living abroad as an expat can be a thrilling and exhilarating experience. But, it also comes with several unpredictable risks that can ruin your stay. One such risk is falling ill or getting injured, which can result in hefty medical bills that can destroy your finances. This is where  Staysure travel insurance comes into the picture. Staysure explains why ex-pats living in France, Spain, or Portugal need travel insurance and how it can save you from unexpected financial burdens.

1. Healthcare Coverage: Even if you have national healthcare in the country you are calling home, it might only cover some of your healthcare needs. For example, emergency transport or repatriation might not be included. Turning a travel insurance policy can cover these events. You will have peace of mind knowing you are protected if the unexpected occurs. No one wants to be stuck with limited options when faced with a medical emergency.

2. Protection Against Flight Changes: Living in another country has its benefits; however, your home is still a critical part of your life. Perhaps you have to return home urgently if a family member is ill. Maybe you have extended travel plans, but weather or a personal emergency means you have to return before you planned. In such events, you will face changes in your flight. You will be covered against unexpected flight changes with a good travel insurance policy.

3. Theft Protection: Theft is an unfortunate event that can happen to anyone. When you are an ex-pat, it becomes more complicated as your essential documents are not available quickly. Your travel insurance policy can provide you with access to emergency cash, so you don’t have to worry about being stranded in another country.

4. Cover for Pre-existing Medical Conditions: It can be challenging to find comprehensive and affordable travel insurance when you have pre-existing medical conditions. Many policies will exclude coverage for these conditions, leaving you in a difficult situation. Staysure travel insurance is designed explicitly for people with pre-existing medical conditions. With their policy, you can be covered for unexpected healthcare expenses, and you can travel around your new home without any worries.

5. Peace of Mind: Expats living in France, Spain, or Portugal can benefit from travel insurance’s peace of mind when they travel. You can travel to neighboring countries and enjoy new experiences without worrying about unexpected circumstances. Even in your new location, there is a lot to explore, and with good travel insurance, you can do that with confidence.

Expats living in France, Spain, or Portugal need travel insurance. Even though you may be living in a new home, travel insurance is still vital for protecting against unexpected medical expenses, flight changes, theft, and more. With insurance coverage, peace of mind and security can be useful, which is especially important when you are abroad. Protect yourself with affordable ex-pat travel insurance today from Staysure and enjoy all the pleasures of your new home without worrying about what might happen.