Uncomfortable shoes are more of a punishment than a fashion trend. Now, comfortable and practical shoes are in demand. Of course, if you are invited to a social event or some other event, then the appearance comes to the fore, but this is already fading into the background. So, what should be considered in order to choose good and comfortable women’s shoes? In this article, together with The Bradery, we will analyze this issue in detail. Go!

When it comes to dress shoes, beauty is at the forefront. We pay attention to anything, but not the practical side of the couple we like. Here are common problems that can make shoes uncomfortable:

  • incorrectly selected size (women often buy smaller shoes);
  • low or, conversely, high rise, which does not correspond to the anatomical features of the foot;
  • uncomfortable shape of the heel;
  • too high a heel or its complete absence;
  • artificial upper materials.

General Shoe Tips From The Bradery

Plan a purchase for the first half of the day – by the evening the legs swell or just get tired because they change shape and volume. In such conditions, it is problematic to pick comfortable shoes – the next morning they will not be what they seemed at the time of purchase. Ask for both shoes to try on – with a 99% chance, one of them will be looser due to frequent fitting.

To make comfortable shoes happy regardless of the time of wearing, pay attention to the following features. By the way, the most current models can be ordered on The Bradery website.

Heel. If you need shoes for everyday wear, give up extremely high heels – let them be stable. The optimal heel height for everyday shoes is 45 mm.

The size. In shoes of the right size, the foot does not strive to slip out, and the toes do not rest on the toe. Always pay attention to the length – even after a month or two of active wear, it will not increase. But the volume can adapt a little to the features of the foot, so slight compression on the sides is allowed. Just don’t overdo it: Cinderella with a glass slipper has already met the prince, and tight shoes threaten you with circulatory disorders, crooked toes and ingrown nails. The most comfortable and trendy models of women’s shoes can be bought at The Bradery. Follow the link!

Block. How to choose the right shoes that fit the shape of your foot? Put them on and stand up straight. In a shoe with the right last, you won’t feel like you’re balancing, trying to find a foothold, and the heel won’t move down. A smooth rise does not overload the legs, and in the evening there will be no heaviness in them.

Back. Its task is to relieve pressure on the heel. If the heel is too high, it rubs the foot in the ankle area, and if it is low, the shoes will be unstable.

Materials. Genuine leather and velour look good, last 4-6 years and do not cause discomfort even after several hours of wearing. These are high-quality soft materials that eventually take the shape of the leg, allow the foot to “breathe” and do not overheat in hot weather. Leather pleases with durability and ease of care, and on some models even slight scuffs look appropriate. It is important to choose shoes in which the interior is also made of genuine leather. If you run a damp cloth over the inside of the shoes, and it stays clean, the lining won’t stain the leather. Shoes made from the highest quality materials can be found at The Bradery.

Sole. Too hard sole creates discomfort when walking, and soft makes you feel the slightest bumps in the road surface. A moderately flexible and dense sole bends, but does not deform the upper of the shoe.

Design. Shoes with heels with a long narrow toe are suitable for tall girls, and the rest of the stylists recommend a moderate rounding of the toe, which also visually reduces the size of the foot.

Accessories. Those models are suitable in which the fittings do not come into contact with open skin. Metal elements overheat in hot weather and can even cause a slight burn. If the model has a lacing, buckle, zipper or other fastening, make sure that the leg is securely fixed when fastened.

Shoes should please in all respects, but in no case should not be a burden. The feeling of lightness and comfort are the most important criteria. The rest is a matter of taste. Go to The Bradery website and order comfortable, practical, reliable and beautiful shoes!