We are what we eat… No, we are what we breathe, too! Maybe, this life part is even more important to the human being, as Oxygen is a part of almost every cell. Humidity is a key parameter of air, so the easiness of breathing and respiratory health depend on it. Unfortunately, our planet doesn’t include an option to balance the humidity level in concrete jungles, so we have to do this ourselves.

Before and After

Humidifiers are a perfect solution for everyone, as brands offer gadgets for every taste. Cheap or expensive, portable or console, basic or full of additional features. They can just normalize the humidity percentage or ‘upgrade’ air by ionization, purification and so on.

So, what if you start using humidifiers immediately? Bet you will notice big changes in 2 weeks (kids, pets and plants will do this even earlier)! Skin irritation, breath problems and disgusting cough will vanish, as well as other symptoms caused by dry air. By the way, even flu and cold pass by easier if your room is humidified enough.

Types of Humidifiers

It’s possible to choose from a huge variety of appliances, so even the most fastidious people can find a suitable variant. Humidifiers may be divided into groups by 2 main parameters: size and ways of work. If the first measure is absolutely clear – you can pick either console or portable humidifier, then the second group needs a detailed explanation. Common brands offer:

  • central humidifiers,
  • evaporators,
  • impeller humidifiers,
  • steam vaporizers,
  • ultrasonic ones.

What’s the difference? Central – the most expensive ones – are built right into the air-conditioning system. They don’t emit any steam, so there can be no risk of inflammation. The Impeller type uses a rotating disk to produce  a cool mist and blow it out. Evaporators have a fan, which blows air through a filter or similar parts. Ultrasonic humidifiers apply ultrasonic vibration unlike steam vaporizers, which use electricity. Pay attention that the last type is inappropriate for families with small children!

Nevertheless, such home gadgets become more popular day by day, so who knows what comes next?

What to Pay Attention to?

First, you should clarify your personal needs and highlight the vital nuances. Do you require a console or portable humidifier, which will always be at hand? Do you need the one, which has only 2-3 buttons and modes, or an ultra all-in-one gadget with USB control? The cost depends on these parameters, as well as the brand’s name. So, not to overpay, make a brief list of what you require. For example, if you are a young mom or dad and follow the paediatrician’s prescriptions, it’s better to choose a silent humidifier with a night light.

Choose the right humidifier and moisture air up to 30%-50% to reach optimal conditions and stay healthy.