London is the capital of England. This is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Nevertheless, there is wonderful architecture, museums and cultural monuments that everyone should see at least once in their life. Naturally, rest is not the only reason for a trip to the capital of the kingdom. There are also business trips, business trips. Of course, you need to stop somewhere. In this article, together with Travelodge, we will analyze the most relevant hotel options in London.

Two-Star Hotels & Hostels

The cheapest option for a traveler who would like to save money is a hostel or the most modest hotel (i.e. a two-star hotel).

In the hostel, you can stay both in a dormitory room (that is, pay for the bed), and rent a separate room. There are quite a few hostels in London that are very popular among young people and budget travelers.

The cheapest accommodation option in London is a bed in a 20-bed dormitory room. It will cost you only about £9 per night, but be aware that this is a small room with nothing but bunk beds that take up almost the entire space. You should also remember that guests of both sexes can live in the room (the so-called mixed room). There are several bathrooms, as well as a hairdryer and an iron. Whether you can relax in a room with so many strangers is up to you. This hostel is located in the heart of the city, very close to Hyde Park. It’s called the Smart Hyde Park Inn.

Prices for a single room with a shared bathroom in a hostel or modest hotel already start at 28 pounds per night. In the hostel you will find the most simple environment, but good service and cleanliness. Most often, wireless Internet in hostels is provided only in common areas – at the reception and in the recreation area, which is often equipped with vending machines selling snacks and other fast food, as well as a TV. However, you can book good rooms on the Travelodge website. Follow the pinned link!

Three-Star Hotels

There are a huge number of three-star hotels in London. They are located both in the city center and at some distance from it. Prices for a room in a 3-star hotel start from 34-35 pounds per night. And the average price is from 55 pounds. For example, a hotel called Ravna Gora, located near Notting Hill, offers a single room with breakfast for 47 pounds. This hotel is housed in an old building, but all rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV. The owners of the hotel are Serbs, so hospitality is guaranteed to you.

A hotel located in the very center of London – in Westminster – will cost you much more – about 75 pounds per night. But it is very comfortable to live in it – the hotel itself is located in a quiet place, so no one will disturb your rest, and the rooms are equipped with everything you need – air conditioning, satellite TV, a safe and a work desk. It’s called the Comfort Inn Hyde Park. By the way, on our website, you can book rooms in almost any hotel in London. Follow the link.

Four Star Hotels

For lovers of more comfort, there are also four-star hotels in London – as a rule, the rooms have more space than three-star ones, they are better equipped and more elegantly furnished. Often in four-star hotels, you can visit the gym or spa – center. Prices for hotels in this category start from four thousand rubles per night and can reach from 165 pounds per day of stay.

Such hotels include, for example, Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes London, located on Baker Street, a stone’s throw from the museum dedicated to the famous detective. It bills itself as a boutique hotel with a gym, spa and organic food. The hotel also has a bar serving a variety of cocktails. You can book a room in any four-star hotel in London on the Travelodge website.

Five-Star Hotels

In the cheapest five-star hotel in London, you will have to pay 12 thousand rubles for a day of stay – this is a hotel called The Cadogan, located in the very center of London. Luxurious and spacious rooms, LCD satellite TVs, wireless internet, bathrooms with toiletries, and your own fitness studio are at your service.

Famous London hotels also include hotels of the Hilton chain – a night in them will cost you from 195 pounds, as well as Marriott, for which you will be asked for 205 pounds per night.

London is also home to the world-famous Savoy Hotel, which was opened in the 19th century. It is located on the banks of the Thames, in proximity to the British Museum. In it, you can visit restaurants, including the restaurant of the famous chef Gordon Ramsay – Savoy Grill.

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