A coffee machine is just as necessary a home device as an electric or gas stove. It’s no secret that, for example, good coffee can be brewed in a cezve. But what if you want a cappuccino or latte, which is problematic to prepare in a cezve? Then there is only one alternative – a good coffee machine. It is especially good when the technique is consistent with the interior design of an apartment or house. For example, under “Loft” or “Country”, a retro-style device is perfect. It is not only practical, but also beautiful!

Poems are devoted to coffee, many people cannot imagine the beginning of the day without it, retro coffee machines make a splash among professionals, and the best models are included in the annual ratings of international expert agencies. Most often in cafes around the world you can hear the phrase “A cup of coffee, please!”. So how do you make one of the most popular drinks in the world?

Types Of Coffee Machines

All preparation methods can be divided into the following groups depending on the interaction of water with coffee: boiling, infusion, filtration (drip) method and pressure injection.

  • Boiling The most ancient method and the most common until the middle of the 20th century (and in the East today). The main vessel for making Arabic coffee is the cezve. The traditional material for these containers has always been copper, but there are also ceramic, glass, silver and aluminum cezvesi.
  • Infusion. In this way, coffee is prepared in a French press (piston coffee maker) and a vacuum coffee maker.
  • Filtration (drip) method. The principle of operation of capsule coffee machines is unchanged: water passes drop by drop through the filter with ground coffee.
  • Pressure. The group that includes the largest number of devices. The simplest are geyser coffee makers, in which water passes through coffee under the influence of steam (at the same time, it absorbs more substances than with the drip method). 

Espresso coffee machines (capsule, combined, carob or automatic) are the most popular in the world. They have a complex mechanism for heating water and forcing steam and allow you to get a drink of the most intense aroma and rich taste.

Which Coffee Machine To Choose?

Regardless of the type of coffee machine, they all serve the same purpose: to make coffee taste better. However, at present, people pay attention not only to the quality, but also to the style of what surrounds them in everyday life. And, often, such machines require special attention and approach.

Moreover, recent years have been marked by an increase in demand for retro-style modifications of various household appliances, including coffee machines and coffee grinders.

The technique is customized in various styles – futuristic, bionic, constructivist. Vintage is becoming more and more popular in many areas of life: literature, fashion, computer games, art. Industrial designers have not bypassed him either. Together with architects and interior designers, they create interior spaces that bring people back to a time when light was warmer, materials were better, and life was calmer.

Interiors that combine old and new are especially attractive: steampunk and loft interiors, which are characterized by industrial elements, natural shades, thoughtful lighting, high ceilings and unusual accessories.

Copper coffee machines look great in the interiors of private houses, whose owners subsequently extend the steampunk style to other interior items (for example, antique kitchen appliances in combination with a steampunk coffee machine). Copper coffee machines give special beauty to modern restaurants, bars and rock clubs, introducing elements of brutality and masculinity into them.

We can only add one thing: making coffee is an art that is expressed in the appearance of the coffee machine itself!