Every year the TV becomes “Smarter”, that is, it acquires such functions that we didn’t even dream of before. A little more, and it will become a real computer because SmartTV technology already allows you to combine television with the Internet. A living example of this miracle of technology is the Samsung UE series LED TVs.

Diagonal Size

Samsung presents models in a variety of sizes, but Samsung TVs with a diagonal size of 32, 40 and 46 inches are the most popular. Experts recommend choosing a screen size according to the distance at which you will be watching it. If the user is at a distance of no more than 2 meters from the screen, then you should buy a Samsung TV with a 32-inch diagonal. If this distance is a little more than two meters, then the best option is the Samsung UE 40. But if the user is almost 3 meters away, then you can take the 46-inch version.

Super Prices

The price of Samsung TVs depends only on the set of functions that this or that model is equipped with. But this does not affect the image quality in any way. In any case, you will get a high contrast picture and excellent color reproduction. Also, each model in this series is characterized by reduced power consumption and minimal screen thickness.

Which Model Should I Choose?

If you do not need modern features, then the fourth series of Samsung TVs will suit you. It presents the most simple models, which will cost inexpensively. However, the image quality will remain very high.

If you are interested in SmartTV technology, but your budget still forces you to save, you need to choose from the fifth series. Among this model range, you will pick up a functional and relatively inexpensive TV. Also, these models are distinguished by higher sound quality.

The sixth series of Samsung include, foremost, Full-HD technology. You can also choose the option with 3D. All models of this series can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. They are equipped with a wide variety of connectors and support almost all video formats. It can be viewed from removable media.

Well, if you want to buy a Samsung 7 or 8 series TV, then you are a real gourmet. Foremost, this is an excellent sweep frequency, which reaches 800 Hz. This provides high contrast and a huge set of various functions. Choose your model in the Samsung online store. Here the prices are much lower. Step into the big leagues in picture and sound quality.