Since printer cartridges are selected strictly according to compatibility with the existing model, the buyer has no choice as such. This is partly why people are not particularly aware of what they are, how they differ from each other. Which one is more suitable for a particular operation? This information will be useful for those who are just about to purchase a printer. In this article, HP will tell you what types of cartridges are. What exactly are they for? Go!

Foremost, you need to know: a printer cartridge is a special container. Its main purpose is to store the coloring matter. There are many varieties of such consumable accessories for peripheral devices. However, recognizing them is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. After all, they are all marked according to the method of printing a particular office equipment.

Types of cartridges for HP printers:

  • matrix – contains an ink-soaked ink ribbon. Used for both monochrome and color printing;
  • inkjet – used on inkjet printers. May contain liquid inks of various colors. Great for photo printing;
  • laser – consists of many components, contains toner in the container. It also has a mining bunker;
  • toner-tube – filled with dry dye for laser office equipment. Features a large storage capacity for toner.

In addition, each of the above types is divided into several types.

Matrix printer cartridges

HP dot matrix cartridges are consumables created using the same technologies as conventional typewriters. They have a non-separable body design. Contain inside the tape impregnated with special paints. There are one and four colors. Although this type of printer has long been outdated, they are still used where inexpensive, mass and purely text printing of information is needed. For example, in cash registers and bank terminals.

Inkjet printer cartridges

HP inkjet cartridges are a type of consumables for office equipment of the corresponding type. They contain liquid ink. This type of printing accessories comes in two types: with and without ink heads. In the second case, the inkjet nozzle is installed directly on the HP printer itself. Thus, the replacement of consumables is many times cheaper. The advantages of this product include the following:

  • high-quality printing;
  • ease of installation;
  • a huge range of suitable toner;
  • ease of refueling.

Among the shortcomings, a small resource and high cost of ink should be noted. But all this is more than offset by the quality and breadth of the range.

Laser printer cartridges

HP laser cartridges are consumables characterized by high printing speed. They have a large resource and low cost per print. Against the background of all other models, HP recommends using this variety for office and budget printing of documents.

Toner tubes for HP printer

A toner tube is a container that contains a powdered coloring matter. In fact, this is the same laser cartridge that does not have printing elements. In other words, a toner tube is a storage for toner and nothing more. The main advantage is that it is not subject to wear. At any time, you can quickly remove and replenish with a new dye.

Also, cartridges can be divided into:

  • original – consumables that are created by the manufacturers of printing equipment themselves;
  • compatible – the type of cartridges created using the original technology. This is done by licensed third-party companies;
  • remanufactured – reusable compatible or genuine cartridges that have had their ink replaced;
  • licensed – these are original and compatible cartridges that are sold under license by various sellers who are not related to their production.

The principle of operation of the cartridge in an HP printer

The operation of cartridges depends on the type of printer – inkjet or laser. The scheme of operation of the latter is since the image, including text, is applied to the surface of the photodrum.

In areas where the surface charge changes to the opposite of the toner, “sticking” of the powder occurs in the required places. After that, the toner begins to be transferred to the paper, then “baked” under the influence of enormous temperature. With multi-color laser printing, the procedure is repeated four times: 1 time for black ink, the rest for the three primary colors.

When using an inkjet printer, the image will be printed as tiny pixels. They are not visible to the naked eye. But the process is not possible without a print head. This part may be on the cartridge itself or be a separate item. The ink is on the sheets due to heat, which leads to an increase in their volume, requiring to be released. Various shades are created by mixing yellow, cyan and pink ink in the right proportions.

Finally, I would like to note that HP is a technique that is made by people for people. It has not only all the most advanced technologies, but also sincere care for the client!