HP Water Soluble Ink is an aqueous solution of organic substances. They are low cost. Allow to achieve high realism of a color rendition. But they are not very resistant to UV and water. This does not expose the printed image to active sunlight and moisture. Water-soluble inks are recommended for use with photo and inkjet papers only. Such paper has a special coating that fixes ink drops penetrating deep into. On ordinary office paper, the ink drop spreads arbitrarily. In addition, photo papers, especially glossy ones, have a protective coating. It protects the image from exposure to ultraviolet radiation and moisture. Therefore, water-soluble inks are best suited for printing photographs, making reproductions, printing colorful booklets, and documents.

HP pigment inks – unlike water-based inks, they use a solid pigment as a dye. These are very fine particles of solids. Such inks have higher water resistance than liquid dyes. However, it is not sufficient for use in aggressive conditions (in terms of humidity) and in atmospheric conditions. Recent developments in pigment inks: when used with a good profile, they give a saturation comparable to dye inks. And the durability of such a seal is over 75 years!

The colorant in HP pigment inks is a water – insoluble organic, or more commonly inorganic, compound. As a rule, special types of soot. Pigment is colored solid particles. They have the characteristics of a solid body – volume, diameter, etc. Pigments are used in ink in a very crushed form: the particle size is less than 0.1 microns. For example, the thickness of a human hair is about 50 microns. The particles are so small that they freely pass through the nozzles. This is the diameter, 15-50 microns, of the print head nozzle plate. During printing, complex physical and chemical processes take place with such ink. When ink is ejected from the printhead nozzle, some of the solvent evaporates. Upon contact with the paper, the remainder of the solvent impregnates it. The pigment remains on the surface of the paper. After contact with paper, with the participation of air oxygen, the ink coagulates (folds) with their transition to an insoluble state. This makes prints water-resistant.

Pigment inks for HP printers are affordable and reliable consumables. They will provide high-quality prints and reduce the risk of breakage of the print head. The composition of the paints is absolutely harmless. They can fill the device yourself. They are compatible with any PZK or CISS. Therefore, when printing, you will not have problems with quality and work efficiency.

UV resistance and water resistance are characteristics of such HP inks. They are widely used for outdoor printing, just because of the presented features.

For HP, quality is fundamental. That is why Hewlett-Packard is a leading manufacturer of printing equipment and software.