There are many entertaining games for companies – from board games and Alias to quizzes. But if you have a Microsoft Xbox Series X console from the Grover online store at home, then completely different possibilities open up. In this article from Grover, we will look at the Top most, in our opinion, current games. Let’s go!


Oh, it’s just super for a company that loves to play football. For example, friends gathered to watch the Bayern-Borussia Dortmund match. And after the game we decided to play for the same teams, but ourselves. Or: they created a tournament similar to the Champions League. There are many variations, up to the fact that a bank is assigned with a reward for winning. And then, the excitement overflows. And the last minutes with the score 2:1 – a flurry of emotions interspersed with a good mate. Sometimes, you have to uncover spare controllers. But this very moment is the most exciting. You can play two on one team. And this is much more fun. For example: 8 people, 4 teams and knockout games with a final at the end. You can also play everything in a round-robin system.

Perhaps the next day everyone will forget everything, but the delight and desire to repeat will remain in the memory. And to make it happen no matter what, order the Microsoft Xbox Series X on the Grover website.

Quizzes & Mind Games

The Xbox Series X has a lot of interesting games like mind quizzes. Everything is very simple: the company is divided into equal teams and answers the questions posed. In fact, points are awarded. This is really very interesting, especially if you are fans of history or literature. There are games where it’s every man for himself. In other words, it is a warm-up of the brain, which also brings pleasure and excitement of the competition. And for a party like this, order the Microsoft Xbox Series X from Grover.


Any guy or, sometimes, a girl would like to sit behind the wheel of a racing car and overtake everyone! Feel the incredible sweetness of speed and your own superiority. By the way, races can be arranged according to the tournament system. And at the end – the winners arrange the final race.

 And for a party like this, order the Microsoft Xbox Series X from Grover.


Oh, just to find out who is stronger than Conor McGregor or Charlize Oliveira, friends will gather. Especially if there are among them people who are engaged in martial arts. This is inherent in only guys or men, but also girls. By the way, the women’s division is also present there. You cannot imagine the excitement that wakes up in women during battles. Especially if the girl herself controls the fighter.

And for a party like this, order the Microsoft Xbox Series X from Grover.

Mortal Kombat

This is love for all time! The debate about who is stronger than Sub-Zero or Scorpio will probably never stop. People love this series of games for the fantasy lore and great combat. Fatality, brutality and so on stand apart. We will not go deep – everyone already knows everything very well. This game for the company is one of the best. Especially if people in the company like to play it. What’s good: you can create a tournament like “King of the Hill” and cut to colic and insanity. This is truly epic stuff!

And for a party like this, order the Microsoft Xbox Series X from Grover.