There is nothing better than a good sandwich. Yes, nutritionists are furious and claim that this is junk food. But what to do if there is no time, but you want to eat. Of course, if you use a large amount of mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard in one bottle, then the blow to the liver will be steeper than boxing. But here we are talking about a normal sandwich, and not about the dream of a two-hundred-kilogram Piglet. Especially since you can eat a little more at breakfast than at lunch or dinner. In this article from Wolt, we will analyze the most relevant recipes. Go!

Sandwich With Eggs And Tuna

So, we go to the refrigerator, we are looking for a few eggs and a can of tuna. Shake thoroughly and put back. Kidding. But if you don’t really feel like cooking, we order food from Wolt.


tuna in its own juice – 1 jar;

boiled eggs – 3-4 pcs;

pickled gherkins – 10 pcs;

dill – 3 sprigs;

mayonnaise (I recommend homemade, at worst light) – 3 tablespoons;

olive oil – 1 tbsp;

Dijon mustard – 2 tsp;

freshly ground pepper;

iceberg lettuce (or other crispy lettuce leaves) – a handful;

mini baguette – 1 pc.


Step 1

Mash the tuna with a fork. (We drain the liquid from the jar, we will not need it).

Step 2

We clean the eggs.

Step 3

And cut into cubes.

Step 4

We also cut the gherkins into cubes and send them to a bowl with tuna and eggs.

Step 5

Finely chop the dill and also add it to the filling.

Step 6

We send mayonnaise, mustard, olive oil, pepper to a bowl. Mix well.

Step 7

Cut the baguette in half lengthwise.

Step 8

Ideally, sprinkle it with olive oil and put it in the oven for 7 minutes at 180 degrees. But I’m lazy and made the heating on the toaster.

Step 9

Meanwhile, cut the washed lettuce leaves into strips.

Step 10

Place the lettuce leaves on the bottom of the ciabatta. About a little more than half.

Step 11

Then lay out all the stuffing. The layer will be good. And then more leaves.

Step 12

We cover the rolls with a “lid”. We cut in half. Hooray! My inner piggy is happy and cheerful! And most importantly – full! But, we remind you, if there is no time, energy and desire to cook, then order delivery from Wolt.

Sandwich With Ham And Cheese

Well, let’s move on to Tom Sawyer’s classic breakfast. That is, a ham and cheese sandwich. So, if you decided to make someone paint the fence instead of you on Sunday, and your right eye squinted in anticipation, then this recipe is yours!

We go to the refrigerator rather silently and get everything we need. But it’s worth reminding once again: if an unforeseen procrastination happened, then we immediately pick up the phone and order delivery from Wolt.


white bread for sandwiches – 2 slices;

lettuce leaves – 2 pcs;

processed cheese;

tomato – 2 slices;

ham – 2 slices;

salt, black ground pepper;

cheese – 2 slices.

Step 1

My tomato and lettuce. Dry with a paper towel.

Step 2

Bread is fried in a toaster.

Step 3

Spread one slice with melted cheese.

Step 4

Put a lettuce leaf on top.

Step 5

Slice the tomatoes across the seeds. Place tomato slices on lettuce leaves. A little salt and pepper.

Step 6

Put the ham on top.

Step 7

Then lettuce again. Put cheese slices on the second piece of bread.

Step 8

Cover sandwich with bread and cheese and press lightly. Holding with your hand, cut the sandwich diagonally with a sharp knife.

Step 9

Let’s rather serve.

So, here we have given two simple recipes that you may find useful. Again, if there is no time and desire, or vile blues and depression attacked from around the corner, then food can be ordered on the Wolt website.