How to make your garden become a place of rest for body and soul? So that in summer, the shade from trees and bushes covers your house, protecting it from scorching rays. And in autumn, the leaves enchanted with their gold. In winter, the snow-covered garden delighted the eye. In this article, we will look at five basic tips for making your garden cosy and beautiful.

  1. If you have a large house, and the area where the garden is supposed to be is small, then raising the soil is the best solution to the problem. A small, well-decorated mound around the house, well emphasizes all the advantages of the garden and slightly reduces the significance of the building. The house itself can draw all the attention to itself. In this case, the balance between the space near the building and the building itself is lost. When designing a garden design, you need to remember that the size of the objects must be comparable to the size of the site. It is not very good if you plant large trees whose root system requires a lot of space. Or clutter it with structures that will close it. Everything must be in balance!
  2. In the case of paths, preference should be given to lighter materials that emphasize the dignity of the landscape. It is worth abandoning blind fences – they create the effect of isolation. The effect of airiness and freedom is created by swings and hanging rattan cocoon chairs. It’s good if your veranda smoothly turns into the main path leading to the house. Usually, for the effect of flow, they try to keep their materials the same colour. Hedges and trimmed shrubs should be used as living decor.
  3. Another technique that is used for small gardens is the effect of neglect. But it is worth remembering that this is precisely the effect, and not weeds with untreated bushes. In this case, ornamental vineyards and plants that tend to grow upward on the surface are well suited. Dining tables in the middle or a barbecue table look very good here, where you can fry steaks in the evenings. Also, a small structure looks very good here with a table that comes out of the oven and a small roof that covers from the rain.
  4. It is worth remembering that many empty spots in the area of ​​\u200b\u200ba small garden look bad. But oversaturation is unacceptable. Everything here is striking, therefore, it is very important that everything is harmoniously and comfortably planted and lined up. Vegetation should be selected taking into account its growth. Therefore, low-growing trees and small shrubs should be planted on the site, smoothly flowing and complementing the landscape. Among other things, creepers that take up little space are well suited. They master vertical space well and close the external flaws of buildings. Mask walls and fences. Winter-hardy plants should be selected. Then, it will not be necessary to plant empty space after winter.
  5. In the centre of the site it is worth placing a fresh green lawn, which can be surrounded by vegetation. If you plant conifers, for example, juniper or yew, they will add attractiveness to the garden even in winter. They create an indescribable atmosphere during the Christmas holidays, and exude a pleasant aroma in the summer. These shrubs can be diluted with flower beds, which will make the garden even more attractive.