More than once or twice, we all have come across a situation where we want to see something, but unfortunately, there is nothing worthwhile. Among the colossal variety of various series and films, often there is nothing to watch. This is since behind a large amount of investment in film production, the very idea and essence of creativity was lost. So, how to pass the time with Sky so that it is fresh, interesting and, at the same time, memorable? Moreover, over a cup of coffee or tea, discussion of the plot, assumptions of the development of an intricate line and characters of the characters – brings together. Especially if this is a couple and the relationship is just beginning. As one wit said: originally there was a film, and then you did not notice how you had children! Watch with Sky!

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Let’s start with Thomas Yan’s 1997 German comedy drama Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door. The slogan for this film goes something like this:

“A fast car, a million marks in the boot, and only one week to live.”

In short, the plot of the film revolves around two people who meet in the hospital, where they were given terminal diagnoses. But fate gives them a chance to finally slam the door loudly. This film – although there is no chance – the anthem of life. He obviously shows that there is always a choice, and hopeless situations are opportunities, using which you can entirely change your existence and stop thinking and acting inertly. This is a total acceptance of the inevitable, a complete cleansing of everything unnecessary. No wonder, the main leitmotif of the entire film is the sea – transformation and renewal. And death is a new stage of knowledge. This is a forceful, piercing, but easy-to-perceive picture with a great cast. Watch with Sky!

Forrest Gump

Another iconic picture that you can find on our resource is Robert Zemeckis’ 1994 film. 

This is an incredibly touching, life-affirming and, at the same time, very realistic story about a man who did not doubt himself, but did what he liked. The inner essence is clearly shown here. Success and recognition are achieved only by those who are whole: thoughts coincide with words, and words with deeds. This is a story about how simplicity discourages and destroys stereotypes of thinking. Everything goes in a circle: it starts with a pen – it ends with a pen. Watch with Sky!

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

The next film worth watching here is Terry Gilliam’s 2009. It’s a great film with an astonishing cast. In general, British cinema has always been original. Even in dramatic works, subtle humour with a touch of decadence and aristocracy has always been traced. This picture is no exception. Watch with Sky!

First, it is worth noting the satire on the very duality of the universe. Representations of the devil – as an absolute evil, and good – bringing good and enlightenment. The film wants to convey the idea that a person is rewarded according to his faith. That is, what he is – that he gets. The plot of the film lies in the eternal dispute between Dr. Parnassus, who invites visitors to the show to look into the looking glass of his soul, and the devil, who casts doubt on all statements and established dogmas. The picture tells that evil in the mind of a person is not even his actions, but, in fact, the responsibility that he must bear for them. Good is deliverance from the burden of retribution. But the truth and strength are comprehended by the one who did the deed and did not abandon his duty.

In conclusion, we can wish you to watch a good film that makes you stop and think about your existence! Sky’s library will help!