It’s time to get ready for the autumn-winter season, which means it’s time to highlight the fashion trends of autumn-winter. Some of them have already become familiar to us, while others suddenly returned to the podium.

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In the list of fashion trends for autumn-winter – fur. Graceful short fur coats and luxurious fur coats to the floor are at the peak of popularity. Equally popular will be natural fur, its imitations and bright, emphatically artificial varieties. By the way, designers offer not only fur clothes, but also accessories – hats, bags and even shoes.


In winter, you will shine thanks to sequins. No other way than this trend is generated by the radiance of Christmas and New Year trees! One of the brightest autumn-winter trends is sparkling sequins on elegant dresses and even on shoes.

Knitted things

Knitwear made of thick yarn is back in trend. Quite a natural trend for the cold season is knitted textured items made of thick yarn. While this is most likely a short fall-winter season trend, it’s worth taking the opportunity to dress up in cozy sweaters, cardigans and dresses.


The most feminine decoration – a bow – is back in trend. But be careful not to spoil the image with such decor. The most feminine decoration – a bow – is back in trend. But be careful not to spoil the image with such decor. The detail, beloved by women of all times and peoples, is back in fashion. It is not known how long this autumn-winter fashion trend will last, so you should hurry up to try on a dress decorated with bows – small or giant.

Dresses Over Pants

It seemed that this trend was a thing of the past, but no: in the autumn-winter season, fashionistas again put on dresses over skirts. It is impossible not to notice the unexpected return of the strange fashion of wearing dresses over trousers. Pay attention to this trend of the autumn-winter season if you like everything unusual. Actual midi dresses in combination with fairly wide and very long trousers. Dresses and trousers of the best quality can be ordered at The Bradery online store. Follow the link!

Broad Shoulders

Massive shoulder pads are relevant again. We have already fallen in love with oversized, and now it’s time to get used to the shoulder pad, which takes us back to the eighties.

Intricate Prints

The cage is back! Corsets, by the way, are also relevant again! An unexpected fall-winter 2022 trend is intricate psychedelic prints that you can’t take your eyes off of. As well as stripes, check Glen, polka dots in all sizes, blurry flowers and houndstooth. A wide variety of trendy clothes can be ordered at The Bradery online store.


Leather clothing is perfect for fall. This time the trend of the autumn-winter season is leather suits with skirts, trousers or shorts. Designers offer to dress in fashionable material from head to toe. The cut should be semi-adjacent, and it is better to choose a matte texture.


The main thing is that the suit fits! In autumn and winter, designers recommend choosing three-piece suits. They are back in trend, and not only from leather. In addition to a jacket and a skirt or trousers, fashionable suits also include vests or coats. Perhaps one of the most elegant fall-winter 2022/2023 trends.

Mini skirts

Short skirts and a bare midriff remain in trend in autumn and winter. In spite of the cold winter, designers offer us to dress in short skirts on the hips. Moreover, the fall-winter 2022 trends suggest an open stomach: you need to complement miniskirts with cropped loose jackets. Somewhat extreme for frost, but spectacular, no doubt.

Skirts To The Floor

Long skirts smoothly migrated from summer fashion to winter. Another fall-winter 2022 trend. A not-too-practical model threatens to compete with current mini-skirts. Narrow, wide, with pleats and even quilted (the very thing for the cold) maxi skirts are back in fashion. By the way, they can be ordered in the online store The Bradery. follow the link!

Maxi Length For Fashion Coat

A long coat is not very practical, but it is very fashionable. You will not freeze even in an ultra-short skirt if you put on a fashionable maxi-length coat on top. This fall winter fashion trend in 2022 is perfect.

Women’s fashion is not a permanent constant, but it is very interesting to watch it. Especially when such a trend really suits a person. And to keep your wardrobe items in line with current trends, go to The Bradery website and order the items you need!