Each project is a unique phenomenon. It is, in the truest sense of the word, an act of creativity. Especially when it comes to kitchen design. This is the place where you relax and gain strength. They cook food, share the most intimate. No wonder all the most important matters are still decided at the dinner table. But the most important thing is the kitchen set. It must be of high quality and functional. Where can I get one that will last a long time? The answer is simple: in the B&Q Club online store.

In this article from B&Q Club, we will look at the main layout options. Let’s go!


There are six kitchen layout options:

  • U-shaped;
  • island;
  • G-shaped;
  • two-line;
  • L-shaped;
  • linear.

First of all, in order to understand which option suits you best, you need to consider the location of the zones. There should be several of them: storage compartment, working, cooking and washing.

Naturally, the sink should be located closer to the communications for water and electricity, if you have a car wash. There should also be a sink with a tap and a drying rack for dishes. For convenience, all of the above can be arranged in the island. It all depends on the size of the room itself.

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First of all, there is a storage area: a cabinet for cereals and other bulk ingredients; a niche for a refrigerator of the required size.

Next comes the preparation of the ingredients. It can be a countertop made of marble, granite, wood or MDF. The chosen style often determines the materials for the entire kitchen set. By the way, they can be ordered at the B&Q Club. It must be at least 40 cm. The washing area can be located nearby.

Then, the cooking area. For safety reasons, it should be at least 50-70 cm away from the washing area: stove, oven (oven) and microwave.

After an approximate calculation of the zoning of the room for the kitchen has been made, we proceed to the layout.

To do this, you need to find out:

  • family composition (how many people);
  • the time they are in the kitchen;
  • do they like to cook at all;

anthropometric data of family members (the location of drawers or lifting mechanisms depends on this – at the top or bottom);

where to place the dining area: it will be a specially designated room, or it will be a place in the kitchen;

the dimensions of the main segments of the kitchen – some can be reduced, and some can be increased.

If the kitchen is not very large, then the working triangle scheme is often used. It looks like this: the food storage area is directly opposite the food processing area. And diagonally from them is the washing area. This is very convenient, since everything is close and not interspersed with each other. From a psychological point of view, there is no confusion.

The best option is an area of ​​​​4 to 7 m2. If more, then you can get tired of walking from one zone to another, and if less, it will be crowded.

But in planning a kitchen space, you need to focus on your lifestyle. The triangle is a rule, but not a law.

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In the case of such a layout of the kitchen set, we move along the main areas when preparing food and cooking. It is very important to observe safety precautions here. The hob and refrigerator are at the edges, and the sink is in the middle. This is all due to logic: they got the products, prepared and prepared.

Double row

In this version, the kitchen set is divided into opposite blocks. On one side there is a kitchen sink and stove, and on the other – cabinets and a refrigerator.


Allows you to divide the kitchen into two zones – cooking and dining. With this arrangement, one working compartment is perpendicular to the other. In this case, you can supplement the headset with another cutting surface. It is very ergonomic and does not take up much space. Distribution takes place along adjacent walls. Division into zones does not occur here, but it becomes possible to add wall cabinets above the second countertop.


Here the headset is located along three walls. This is a kind of niche that naturally separates the cooking area from the dining room (if one is provided).


This configuration provides an island in the middle of the kitchen. Anything can be brought here: a stove, a work surface, a washing area, a bar counter. There are many options. This arrangement helps to make a perfect triangle. It will meet all ergonomic standards.


All zones are located in a semicircle. This layout can go with or without an island. It all depends on fantasy.

To make everything work out for you, order the necessary headset and related materials at the B&Q Club.