The internet has become a necessity in our daily lives, and a reliable connection is essential. With so many internet service providers to choose from, it can be challenging to find the best option. Luckily, Hyperoptic is one of the top internet providers in the UK, offering lightning-fast broadband and unbeatable deals. 

We will dive into what Hyperoptic is and what it offers, so you can decide whether it is the right choice for you.

Hyperoptic is a fiber broadband provider that offers 1Gbps speeds, the fastest available in the UK. Their network is entirely fiber-optic, meaning it uses pure fiber cables that transmit data using light signals. This technology provides a stable, reliable, and incredibly fast connection, with no slowing of speeds at peak times. It is currently available in over 50 cities and towns in the UK, including London, Manchester, and Bristol.

One of the primary benefits of using this internet service is its affordable pricing. For example, their entry-level package, ’50Mbps Broadband,’ costs just £22 per month. The company also offers a range of deal packages for those who need more speed, such as the ‘1Gbps Broadband and Phone package,’ which costs £45 per month. Moreover, it offers flexible and rolling monthly contracts that don’t have termination fees, providing users with the freedom to switch or cancel at any time with ease.

Another great feature of using it is its unlimited data policy. They do not limit the amount of data you can use each month, which is excellent news for heavy internet users or those who rely on streaming services for entertainment. With Hyperoptic, you can enjoy high-definition streaming, online gaming, and downloads without worrying about extra fees or data limits.

It also provides exceptional customer service. Their UK-based support team is available 24/7 to help customers with any queries or issues they may have. You can contact their customer service by phone, email, or online chat. Additionally, the company provides user-friendly guides and tutorials to help users set up their broadband quickly, guiding them through the process step by step.

Finally, it also offers a referral program that rewards customers with discounts if they refer friends or family for their services. If your referral signs up, you will both receive a £50 voucher for Amazon or M&S. This program adds to the already attractive deals offered by Hyperoptic, making them one of the best options for broadband in the UK.

Hyperoptic is an outstanding internet provider that stands out in the competitive UK market. The company provides affordable and fast broadband internet with unlimited data usage, backed up by exceptional customer service. Moreover, their referral program provides customers with an opportunity to earn discounts and vouchers, sweetening their already irresistible deals. So if you’re looking for a reliable and fast internet provider, you should consider Hyperoptic.