Today, smartwatches have a lot of functions – from time checking to various kinds of body trackers. Among other things, watches on the Android OS turn into quite a fashionable thing. This is especially true of the new Galaxy Watch, Fit, Smart Charm, Gear, which are paired with the flagship S22 Ultra. They perfectly complement each other, allowing you to partially duplicate functions and not be so dependent on the smartphone itself.

More About Smartwatches

If we delve into the functionality of the device itself, then it has a wide range – from everyday use to controlling vital metrics during sports. This is especially true when an athlete (or a person who is actively training) is not in a group, but workouts individually. Here you can immediately set the ceiling of indicators that correlate the fairway of the training process. For example, running: distance, heart rate, time. Moreover, you can not take a Samsung smartphone with you, but limit yourself to watches from the Watch, Fit, Smart Charm, Gear series. A SIM is inserted into them, which allows you to receive calls and SMS. Internet connection lets you listen to your favourite music, webinars on the go.

It is worth noting the technical characteristics, since they were able to place chips capable of delivering excellent performance in a small case. For example, the Galaxy Watch line is based on the Exynos with 2 cores and a frequency of 1.15 GHz. RAM is 768 MB, built-in – 4 GB: this ensures the excellent operation of both built-in and necessary downloaded programs. The device can be paired with Android smartphones or Apple’s series – from iOS 9.0 to the latest version of iPhone. Available Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC allow you to use electronic payments. Control is possible via the touch panel, navigation ring or using a smartphone.

What Are The Features Of The Main Models By Samsung?

In general, device correlation is built as conveniently as possible for the user. And if divided into a series of models, then each has its own focus and specification.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch series includes men’s, women’s and unisex models. The watch is equipped with standard straps, 22 mm wide. Thanks to this, in case of wear, the strap can be replaced both by the original and from a third-party brand.

The Galaxy Fit series is a sports watch with a plastic case in black, grey, white and yellow. The display size is 0.95 inches. The watch is equipped with a powerful battery and can work autonomously for a week. Such gadgets are very practical and ergonomic, which is often very popular with people who lead an active life, athletes and common users.

Samsung Smart Charm watches are positioned as a stylish female device that fits perfectly with any look. In their design structure, they are universal. The device has a stylish square body with rounded corners and is in perfect harmony with various clothes – from business to informal.

It is especially important if such a device is on the hand of a child. You can track his exact location. At the same time, watch is great for diagnosing primary health indicators – it helps to understand the degree of overwork, concentration and stress of a kid. This is extremely important while analysing physical and psychological stress during the learning process.

Modern smartwatches are not only stylish, convenient and fashionable, but also necessary in today’s rapidly changing world!