A TV is one of the most important acquisitions, because a person spends most of the day in front of it. On it, many watch exciting films or football matches, TV shows. And gamers can adapt the TV for video games, especially if the TV has a high frame rate. This is one of the pluses of Samsung TVs.

Televisions have long ceased to be bulky boxes with a round screen. Today it is a light and beautiful device. Often, with a screen half the wall. The whole family can watch movies on it. At the same time, the quality of the picture will be almost indistinguishable from the original. Modern screens are made using new technologies. For example HDR. This format gives a three-dimensional and very bright picture.

TVs today are able to connect to any device – from PCs and laptops to smartphones. Especially if you have your own ecosystem, like Samsung. It involves deep integration with the subsequent use of both programs and applications. And some are equipped with their own operating systems that allow them to independently download content from the Internet. TVs from Samsung already come with the corresponding Android OS. Naturally, the shell is branded – Samsung. Let’s look at a specific model today that has proven itself very well.

Model Qe-50q60ta

This TV from Samsung has a screen with a diagonal of 50 inches. Its matrix is ​​capable of delivering 4K resolution. The TV is also equipped with HDR technology.

The screen refresh rate of this model is 100 hertz. This means that the TV is perfect for gaming. The model has a pair of huge speakers, 10 watts each. They are enough even for a large room. However, many users complement the TV with external speakers.

This model from Samsung is equipped with Smart TV technology. There are connectors for all the necessary types of connection. There are a couple of HDMI connectors, one USB output and one Ethernet. A Wi-Fi chip is also installed. This allows you to use the TV connected to a Samsung S 22 Ultra smartphone. One of the most important advantages is the Samsung ecosystem. It allows you not only to connect various gadgets, but also to work with them. In this case, the phone turns into a full-fledged base for information processing.

The TV itself is remarkably light for its size. It has a weight of only 9.5 kg. It has a wall mount.


  • the model has a very fast frame rate, which makes it an excellent choice for games;
  • the TV is made by a quality brand, for which it is bought;
  • has a very high quality image and realistic colors.


  • frank minuses that would spoil the impression were not revealed. The only point is the specifics of remote control. But, as users admit, it’s a matter of habit.

In general, a very good device. It is maximally adapted to the needs of the consumer. Naturally – a distinctive feature of Samsung – high-quality assembly.

And if you want to pick up some other product from Samsung, follow the link to the company’s online store.