Samsung, along with the Galaxy S 22 line, is updating the line-up of tablets and offering flagship models. These are devices that will remain relevant throughout the year for those who are looking for optimal performance for work, for example, in the field of design or architecture. But there are differences from the base models, which are worth remembering, since the younger Tab S8 has, for example, a TFT screen, not AMOLED. For certain consumers, on the contrary, this is a plus.

All About Features

The first change is the design of the devices, they are very similar to the S22 and S22 +, which to some extent borrowed the Apple approach for the iPhone and iPad. Due to the small thickness of the tablets, they fit well in the hand, but, on the other hand, both the Ultra and S8 + are too large to work with them with one hand, this is still somehow possible with the regular S8.

Reinforced aluminium is a material that makes devices stronger and more reliable by almost a third. Outwardly, everything is familiar: an area for the S Pen, where the pen can be attached. Also, it can be positioned on the top of the tablet.

Naturally, the device comes with an S Pen, although a case needs to be purchased. The work of the S Pen has been improved: the new pen has a soft tip, it’s definitely not worth gluing a film or glass on the screen, as it is durable, you need to try to break the tablet). The tip has a hardness of 0.7 F. The stylus is Bluetooth-enabled, so you can control presentations, use it as a wireless remote control, or take photos remotely.

The delay time in Tab S8 – 6.2 ms, and in older models – 2.8 ms. It feels like you are writing on paper. The S Pen handles screen pressure well (up to 4089 levels). For those who draw or like to write by hand, these tablets are a godsend. On the side ends there are two AKG speakers, that is, there are four of them in total. Loud, clear, with support for Dolby Atmos. There are no complaints about the sound – if you like to listen to music without headphones, you will get incredible pleasure.

Three microphones provide good voice recognition, in LTE versions it is possible to use the tablet as a phone. It is possible to talk without problems with a headset or an active speaker (you won’t be able to hold it by the ear, it’s too big for that).

Unlike smartphones that run on Exynos, tablets use a Qualcomm 8 gen processor. 1,4 nm manufacturing process. Wi-Fi 6 support in all models.

Now let’s focus on the base model – Tab S8. It has an LPTO TFT-screen, which distinguishes the device from others. The TFT-screen noticeably loses to older models, the difference is visible in comparison. But this is a quality tablet, in this price segment it has typical screen characteristics, they are even higher than the main ones.

The fingerprint sensor is built into the side key, it is quite convenient. Please note that Ultra comes in one colour. The reason is that no one expects that this device will be massive (about the pleasant – a dual front camera, for those who often conduct video conferences).

In general, Samsung tablets have always been quite high-quality and practical, but most importantly, they have caught up, and in some aspects have outstripped their main competitor, Apple. Someone has a principled position on the choice of equipment for work, and someone enjoys using all gadgets.

To all this, you can add only one thing, the device is excellent and is made not for fear, but for conscience!