The work of separate devices in itself is good, but sooner or later, comes the realization that everything must function as a single organism. Combining into a common ecosystem provides amazing opportunities for using gadgets individually, as well as combining them with each other. For example: Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and S 22 Ultra, where the phone can act as a palette, and the tablet as an easel. Or here’s another great use – to combine a smartphone with a TV, using it as a base for a presentation.

What Does Samsung Ecosystem Mean? (Examples)

It is convenient to interact with each of the devices, while using the entire line. For example, you open a case of Galaxy Buds or Buds Live that have not yet been connected, and your Samsung Galaxy smartphone detects the presence of headphones, watches, a TV or tablet without any extra steps and can connect them without any problems. If you recall all the devices for connecting all devices, then dancing with a tambourine was commonplace for the user.

One small argument in favor of this model: the Internet is gone, there is no way to replenish it, but you want to watch a movie on the big screen. But there is high-speed mobile Internet. We connect the phone to the TV and calmly watch a movie. This is a huge advantage for owners of Samsung gadgets.

With headphones, a phone and a watch, there is another interesting thing: nothing else needs to be installed – a corresponding notification just comes to the smartphone, which, due to the features of the operating system, will update the firmware of related gadgets.

S 22 Ultra in general can become the centerpiece of the entire ecosystem of Samsung. From the phone, you can control headphones, watches, interact with the tablet. For example, you have a planned run, but a brilliant idea came to mind. You can stop for a moment and record with the S Pen on your phone, and then continue to work on it on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. At the same time, the entire synchronization is absolutely seamless. The main thing, of course, is the availability of the Internet. But even without it, you can safely transfer data from your phone to your tablet using Samsung Flow. It can be a file of any weight and size – from a text document to large video recordings. Everything happens rapidly, without loss of quality.

Another great thing that turns a smartphone and tablet into a full-fledged working base is Samsung DeX mode. The usual logic applies here: why come up with a super powerful and costly device if two act as one and do everything much faster and more efficiently. Moreover, the total power allows you to do several tasks at the same time. For example: tablet – comparison and presentation; phone – search for relevant information. And it’s all tied together without wasting time.

And Samsung is constantly promoting this system. If earlier a special station was needed, then a USB Type-C cable, now DeX works remotely using MirrorCast technology. In other words, just connect all the stations you need, gadgets – phone, tablet, TV, and so on – and work. The beauty also lies in the fact that all office programs from Microsoft and from Google, which are installed, for example, on a phone or tablet, will be available. Therefore, you can work anywhere and anytime. The main desire.

Buying the entire range of Samsung appliances, you not only get high-tech tools for work, but also an ecosystem that allows you to be as efficient as possible. At the same time, you will not lose ideas and developments.

Samsung – life without wasting time!