20 Packs Mini LED Flashlights




Easy to use: open the flashlight body and take out the round white slices, then tighten them. Press the top button of the flashlight, it will turn on.

Note. The round white element is an insulating sheet, so it must be removed in order for the flashlight to work.

Durable Lightweight Case: These pocket flashlight keyrings are made of durable aluminum alloy and ABS material. They are light and refined, durable and comfortable. Suitable for children, parents, grandparents.

5 LED Lights: Equipped with 5 LEDs that can provide enough light for you to walk safely at night or down the hallway while checking things inside your bag or closet.

Quantity you will receive: The package includes 20 mini LED flashlights, which contain 5 colors—silver, black, red, blue, green.



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