Modern fashion trends impress with their diversity and extravagance, but the most popular among women of all ages are things and accessories with animal prints. Suffice it to recall the wardrobes of Hollywood beauties in the latest films – they amaze with their elegance, and animal prints are invariably visible in all of them. True fashionistas understand that if you choose them correctly, it will give the image a touch of exotic chic. Choosing a city backpack with a print or women’s bags with bright pictures, every girl will only win.

To look great with animal print accessories, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Firstly, the colors should not be too flashy and eye-catching. It is better to give preference to more muted, pastel colors, and it is also desirable that the size of the print on all things be approximately the same.

Secondly – combine prints in your image harmoniously. Always keep in mind that a funny giraffe will look out of place with a majestic lion, and a cartoon zebra with a cat a la naturel.

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Shoulder Bag By DeinDesign

Are you wondering what to wear with printed accessories? The answer is simple. Animal print handbags look great with classic fashion styles like jeans, a black turtleneck or a top. However, if the classics seem too bland to you, you can safely copy the catwalk novelties – many modern designers are willing to adapt their collections to animal prints.

Well, the main commandment is self-confidence. Forget about everyone who says that animal prints are vulgar and tasteless. Combine a sense of proportion with a sense of style, and your image will conquer any fashion critic.

Pay attention to how to correctly and stylishly combine fashionable women’s bags with a print. The photos show backpacks from DeinDesign.

Comic Book Backpack

This print is suitable for anime lovers and comic book fans. Such people prefer the semblance of an oversized style interspersed with street style. The bright colors on the backpack perfectly set off and complement the dark gray, black and purple colors. Conversely, the dark ones emphasize the light ones. For example, a white suit and a backpack with a black Venom. This can also be beaten in the classic street style. Leather suit and backpack depicting a Space Marine from the Legion of the Night Lords. This is for those who love Warhammer 40,000. By the way, the idea of ​​Konrad Curze playing a Men Of War-style lead guitar seems like a good idea. By the way, strangely enough, but among the girls who love this universe, this son of the Emperor is most popular. Take note! In general, on the DeinDesign website you can order a wide variety of prints to your taste. Follow the link!

Style is a sense of taste and color in one bottle. The image also needs to be selected so that it organically complements the bow. It is on the DeinDesign website that you can order the most relevant prints for yourself, as well as for your friends and relatives! Follow the link!