So many times we have encountered the problem that on the phone that was just bought, appeared a scratch out of nowhere. Or even worse: it fell out of our hands and fell with the monitor down. Exclamations of despair are heard, with trembling hands, as the most expensive thing in the world, we raise the fallen device and see that all the manufacturers’ assurances about the impenetrability of the smartphone screen are another marketing ploy. Of course, this does not apply to those phones that are specifically designed for travel. You will never kill someone like that, even if you try very hard! But imagine that we are holding – holding – in our hands the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, which was all wet girlish dreams. What now? All works – erased from tension, anticipation of the palm and not only – went to dust. The world has collapsed! Tears, grief and despair.

So, to prevent this from happening, you need to take care of protecting your newfound “pet”. First, buy him a good case that will cover the surface of the back cover. What’s more, it can give your smartphone a new look and make it different from the same smartphones. There is a wide choice of materials for cases – from soft silicone to hard plastic with soft inserts or solid leather. It all depends on your imagination and taste. The choice of colour or theme – what is important for you? – pink unicorns in the clouds or Harry Potter on a broom, rushing towards this very unicorn. Or from him (suddenly this is another incarnation of Voldemort). Nevertheless, the fact remains that the phone lives much longer in a protective case. It is protected from falls and your hand will not shake nervously, and your lip will tremble because its back surface was damaged during a fall. Another thing is that you need to remove it every few days and wipe the joints, the chamber and the cover so that microparticles do not accumulate, which actively scratch the surface.

The monitor. Oh, if it crashes, then the fall of the Roman Empire and the eruption of Vesuvius will seem like insignificant events. The world will burn with our indignation, and reality will be filled with bitter tears and lamentations – what is this punishment for?!

To avoid this, you need to rush to the master and ask him to stick a protective glass on the precious screen. Again, the horizon of possibilities immediately opens up: you can fearlessly talk on the phone by pressing it with your shoulder, sometimes throwing it away, but not far away – suddenly someone puts a like on Instagram – so that they know their place (otherwise the dawn rings when the royal person at 08.00am sleeping). And then paradise, bliss and prosperity will come… Until the new iPhone model comes out.