The Ninja Kitchen brand makes a variety of home appliances, including its singing and dancing Ninja Foodi crock-pot. We will talk about it today. Let’s not waste any time. Let’s go!

Ninja Foodi offers eight settings from air frying to baking, frying, grilling, roasting, etc. Also, slow cook, pressure cook and keep warm in one machine.

Because it covers so many bases, Ninja Foodi has a large 6 liter pot. Also, a removable 3.2 liter fry basket, grill stand and two lids. One has an air vent for fast and slow cooking, and the other for everything else. It has an hour timer and offers the highest temperature of any deep fryer that has been tested at 210°C.


Ninja Foodi is a monster that occupies a large part of the space on the work surface and looks like an industrial giant. At the same time, with a stylish gray-black design. However, this is an extremely practical thing. In it, you can not only fry and bake, but also choose different ways of these types of cooking.

The lid is quite large, and the capacity on it is capacious. If you have a large family, then Ninja Foodi is a lifesaver. Here you can fry a large number of french fries while, for example, meat is baked.

Settings are controlled using the front panel located below the digital display. Time and temperature controls are located on either side of this display. During cooking, the time on this screen is shortened to help you keep track of the time.


If, for example, fry chicken, then in Ninja Foodi it turns out just fine. The skin is crispy and the meat is juicy. The fried potatoes also turned out just fine, Ninja Foodi met all expectations. The only thing is that you need to set all modes manually and know exactly the cooking temperature. if you put something wrong, then the chips, for example, may not work. With Ninja Foodi, you need precision and understanding of what ingredients you put in it. Of course, you can and should experiment. This will bear fruit and your completely different experience with Ninja Foodi will be unique.

To order Ninja Foodi, follow the fixed link to the site. There you can find other household appliances from Ninja.