Parking in busy cities can be a real hassle, but NCP is here to make life a little easier for motorists. With their new app, they are revolutionizing the way we park and pay for parking. In this article, we will look at why you should consider using the app for hassle-free parking.

1. No more searching for parking spots

With the NCP app, you can search for available parking spots before you even set out on your journey. The app shows you all the car parks within a specific area and their occupancy status. This feature means you can reserve a parking spot in advance, saving you time and stress trying to find an available parking spot.

2. Easy to use

The app is simple to use, allowing for quick and easy booking of parking spots. Once you have found a suitable car park through the app, you can reserve a parking spot and pay through the app. You can then navigate to your chosen car park with the app’s directions, making it super simple and stress-free.

3. No more queues or tickets

Using the app, you don’t have to worry about queuing or getting a ticket as payments are dealt with automatically through the app. Once you have entered and parked in the chosen car park, the app will pick up your car plate number and calculate the time you spend in the car park. You are then charged accordingly, no need to worry about finding the ticket machine or worrying about whether you have overstayed.

4. Save money and maximize loyalty points

The app rewards you for usage by offering loyalty points for each parking session completed through the app. You can then redeem these points for discounts on parking in the future. The more you park with NCP, the more points you earn, and the more you save.

5. Access to exclusive offers

As an app user, you will receive exclusive discounts and offers on parking. The app sends you notifications about these offers, so you don’t miss out. With the app, you can take advantage of great deals on parking, making your travels more affordable.

The app is a game-changer when it comes to parking. It takes away the hassle and stress of finding parking spaces, queuing, and dealing with tickets. The app is simple to use and offers exclusive deals and discounts on parking. It also rewards users with loyalty points, meaning the more you park with NCP, the more you save. So next time you’re heading into the city, download the app and make parking simple and stress-free.