Your bathroom is your sanctuary, the place where you start and end your days. It’s a sanctuary for relaxation. With that in mind, you want a bathroom that’s beautiful, functional, and easy to maintain. If you’re in the process of designing a new bathroom or renovating an old one, it’s essential to think about the products and designs that will make your bathroom feel like a retreat. In this blog, we’ve collaborated with VictoriaPlum to provide you with ideas and products to make your bathroom design project a success.

1. Concentrate on the layout

The first step when designing a bathroom with VictoriaPlum is to think through the layout of your space. The placement of your fixtures and fittings will play a considerable role in determining how comfortable your bathroom is. You’ll want to make sure that your toilet, sink, and shower or tub are in the right positions.

As a rule of thumb, grouping the toilet, sink and shower/tub in a corner of the room, is usually the most efficient use of space. Doing so will allow for modular and interchangeable elements such as wall-mounted storage cabinets to be installed in the areas surrounding your main fittings.

2. Create a neutral palette.

Bathroom design is all about relaxation, so you don’t want anything too bright and overwhelming. Using calm, muted colors can help achieve this. When you choose a neutral color scheme, you’ll be able to play with different patterns and textures of your linens and accessories.

Make your bathroom pop with a feature wall, a piece of artwork or a handmade rug. choosing simple and elegant pieces should complement your color scheme without being too distracting.

3. Incorporate smart storage

Effective storage is essential for a serene bathroom experience. VictoriaPlum has multiple options of wall and floor-standing storage solutions that fit a range of bathroom sizes.

Consider floor-to-ceiling wall-mounted cabinets for everything from an extra loo roll to more personal care products. Boxed shelves, if placed in focal points like a matching sink cabinet or tiled wall, can even add depth to a zoned area and help declutter whilst being chic and trendy.

4. Finish with stylish taps and fixtures.

In a calming bathroom design, the taps and fixtures are what pull the look together. To create a cohesive look, you want to choose a finish that complements your style. Typically for a modern bathroom, the brushed nickel finish has been a popular option. For a more retro style, we suggest a more polished brass finish.

For anyone who loves ultra-modern bathrooms, a wall-mounted sink and tap cannot go wrong in avoiding clutter. These types of taps are now widely accessible, with some even boasting smart features like temperature control.

5. Invest in quality lighting

Lighting is the most important element that can make or break an entire bathroom experience. Have you tried to relax in a dimly lit bathroom? When incorporated correctly, light has a huge impact on the appearance and the atmosphere of a bathroom.

With plenty of options, LED light strips, mirrored cabinets, and lighted mirrors to name a few, who says practical uses of lighting cannot inspire a calm and enjoyable environment.

There you have it. A bathroom retreat that is both calming and practical. If you’re thinking about designing your bathroom and you’re not sure where to start, make a list of your must-haves and reach out to VictoriaPlum to get started. With the right design and quality products, you’ll have a bathroom that you won’t want to leave. Good luck!