What can you advise people who are looking for a laptop that would perform the functions of both gaming and work? Where to find a device that meets the most important price-quality criterion? The HP OMEN 17 excels at everything from the most demanding games, streaming workloads, graphic designs and more. What is so special about it? Let’s figure it out together.

All You Need To Know About OMEN 

The first thing an experienced gamer turns his inquisitive eye to is a video card. On board the HP OMEN 17 is a GeForce RTX 3070. It uses the 2nd generation NVIDIA Ampere architecture. Advanced tensor and RT cores, new streaming multiprocessors, coupled with high-speed G6 memory, provide the necessary power for the most demanding games.

Next in importance is the type of processor. The 11th generation Intel Core i7 is installed here. It provides the perfect combination of features that open up new possibilities. Get the job done efficiently with fast performance, responsiveness and best-in-class connectivity. A specific model assumes the presence of 8 cores, and the frequency is from 2.3 to 4.6 GHz at peak load.

We smoothly move on to heating – the scourge of gaming laptops. Concerning the HP OMEN 17, this problem was solved with three-way ventilation and five-way airflow. OMEN Tempest Cooling technology prevents overheating. This is especially true when running demanding graphics programs and modern games.

Next, we smoothly move on to the laptop monitor. The first thing users pay attention to is the refresh rate. If this parameter is below 100 Hz, then the eyes will be exhausted of a blurry picture. A bad indicator when there is tearing and overstrain of the eyeball. A low refresh rate significantly impairs vision. It is desirable that it be at least 120 Hz. The HP OMEN 17 screen delivers 144 Hz, which allows you not to tire your eyes and work comfortably for a long time. Moreover, in games, annoying blurring automatically disappears. And the IPS matrix is ​​​​optimal for both work tasks and gaming. It does not take additional power to maintain functionality, as do the OLED matrix. Of course, it looks more spectacular, but even with the higher performance of OLED, IPS gives better performance since it does not load the system.

Also, it is necessary to mention the diagonal of the monitor – 17.3 inches. This is the optimal diagonal for a comfortable game or work. Moreover, it has an anti-reflective coating. It provides good visibility of processes on the screen even in bright sunlight.

Next, a significant element for gamers is network bandwidth. It makes the connection with servers more stable and smooth. This avoids lags during the gaming session. With HP OMEN 17, MU-MIMO technology is responsible for uninterrupted connection and throughput. It improves and optimizes it qualitatively.

Main Technical Features:

Screen diagonal – 17.3 inches;

Screen resolution – 1920×1080;

Matrix type – IPS;

Screen refresh rate -144 Hz

Processor series – 11th generation Intel Core i7;

Number of cores – 8;

Processor frequency – 2.3-4.6 GHz

Video adapter type – discrete;

Video card – GeForce RTX 3070;

Built-in memory – 8 GB

Type of RAM – DDR4 3200 MHz;

RAM – 16 GB

Hard disk type – SSD;

Hard disk capacity, GB – depends on configuration

In general, in terms of price-quality ratio, HP OMEN 17 is one of the best gaming laptops on the market. It allows you not only to play comfortably, but also to perform various work tasks. HP OMEN 17 is multifunctional, even though it was created for gaming.