The main question that confronts parents who have a baby is how to properly clean and which vacuum cleaner is best suited. Let’s analyse these points and try to offer options suitable for different situations.

Which Vacuum Cleaner Will Suit?

Foremost, it is necessary that the vacuum cleaner, if possible, be washing, with the ability to select the desired cleaning function for the corresponding surface. It can be parquet, laminate, linoleum or tile. Also, do not forget about carpets, woollen blankets and various kinds of soft dust collectors. Each should have its own function of work.

Secondly, if you have pets with a long coat, then you should take this factor into account and buy vacuum cleaners with the effect of cleaning chairs, beds and hard-to-reach places from the accumulation of wool.

Thirdly, you should definitely buy a vacuum cleaner with a steaming effect, since even the cleanest and most sterilized cat or dog spreads dirt. This is especially true for various moments of going to the tray. Particles of sand or toilet wood remain on the paws of the animal. Steam cleans dirt particles well on the surface without additional effort, which greatly facilitates the cleaning of the entire house or flat.

Do not use detergents or chemical compounds that have a strong smell and can significantly increase the risk of allergies in a child. They have a very strong effect on the mucous membrane of a fragile baby and dry the skin on the arms and legs of the baby. From can not be used until the child reaches the age of five. But even if you use products that are not so toxic, you should ventilate the rooms well after cleaning.

If we talk about the methods and methods of cleaning, then it is worth first to make it dry by vacuuming all the surfaces in the flat (floor, woollen carpets, blankets, chairs), on which dirt, wool have accumulated and stains have formed. You need to walk around the corners, hard-to-reach places where lumps of wool and dust accumulate. For this, a vacuum cleaner with removable nozzles designed for such tasks is well suited.

After that, you need to change the nozzles to detergents and carry out wet cleaning. There are models that suggest the possibility of pouring water and the effect of hot steam. It is desirable that you have a vacuum cleaner that has the appropriate functions. This greatly simplifies life and saves a lot of time and energy.

Which Vacuum Cleaner Is Better In Functional Terms?

It should be compact and not take up much space. Large vacuum cleaners are good to use for areas over 500 m2, but in today’s realities, according to statistics, on average, a family of four does not occupy more than 150 m2 of space. This is due to the fact that it is very difficult to serve a large area both in material and domestic terms. And the small-sized device will cope with cleaning of such space.

The vacuum cleaner should be multifunctional: both clean and wash. It is desirable that it has the function of steaming various surfaces without damage. Perfect, if the kit contains nozzles for working in hard-to-reach places.