From the variety of paints and varnishes in the online store Wilko ripples in the eyes. Here and enamels, and paints for ceilings, walls, floors and the rest. But all paints are divided into 2 types:

  • water-based;
  • oil.

Well, the rest of the popular paints like silicone, alkyd and latex are only their subspecies. The entire line can be purchased from the Wilko online store. But today we will analyze what are the paints for the walls in the apartment, how to choose them correctly and what color they should have. Go!

Water-based – Acrylic, PVA, Latex and Silicone Paints

Most paints belong to the same type – water dispersion. The main thinner of such paints is water. And all together the components included in the composition form the main qualities and distinctive parameters of the paint itself. The entire line can be purchased from the Wilko online store.

  • Acrylic – Extremely abrasion resistant
  • PVA – Turns a little yellow over time
  • Latex – Very abrasion resistant
  • Silicone – they are not afraid of ultraviolet rays, so they are often used for external work.

That’s all the differences. Well, the degree of gloss, abrasion resistance, density and durability depend only on the manufacturer. He comes up with a formula that will distinguish a particular paint from other similar ones. Therefore, the choice of wall paint in this case comes down to finding the desired shade, gloss and frequency of washing. Wilko adheres to the rule “less but better: quality comes first”. Therefore, the formula that is used in Wilko provides resistance to external influences.

Oil – Alkyd, Solvent Paints

Today, these paints are almost never used in repair work. All because they have outdated characteristics:

  • They are difficult to apply evenly.
  • Dry for a long time (up to 12-14 hours).
  • They crack over time.
  • To apply a new layer of oil paint or wallpaper, you will either have to remove or clean out the old layer.
  • Well, given that oil and water-based paints cost the same today, alkyd paints are gradually leaving the market.


So manufacturers call hypoallergenic paints that are suitable for nurseries, hospitals and other places where special safety requirements must be observed.

These are water-dispersion paints with harmless ingredients. But at the same time, they are resistant to abrasion: that is, one repair with such paint will last for at least 7-10 years. So, there will be much less harm to health. Such paints have a formula that provides a minimum amount of fumes. This is clearly seen in Wilko. The material not only dries quickly, but does not cause any inconvenience in use. Moreover, if it accidentally gets on the wrong surface, it is very easy to wash it off. But when it dries up, it’s almost impossible. Unless, if you damage the wall.

In general – some pluses! Only for them you need to pay a little extra: due to the carefully crafted formula and expensive ingredients, such paints can be 10-15% more expensive. But considering their durability – it’s justified!