Does your mobile carrier make you overpay for plans, but you get no benefits? Does money flow away all the time, and you can’t guess why? We prepared a brief list of insider’s advices to save you money, time and nerves. How difficult is it to choose an appropriate and profitable plan? Easier than you could imagine! Just read this article to its end and follow our simple recommendations! You can buy the most current plan on the Vodafone website!

Expert’s Advices

So, what to do? We prepared a list of basic, obvious, but workable tips to help you clarify thoughts. Why don’t you try to follow them?

  1. What wireless carrier use your family and friends you talk to most? If 70% of them use the same mobile network operator as you, then there is no need to choose a plan with more than 30 free minutes/month on calls to other carriers. You won’t use them all until the end of 28 paid days. Anyway, if there is 50/50, then you should pay attention of plans with more free minutes or similar options.
  2. What do you do using smartphone? Surely, it’s a basic question you may mark as stupid one, but nevertheless. Try to remember everything you do during the day and find out how much Internet traffic this needs. If you have to work online or play games for a couple of hours, then it’s better not to economize on gigabytes. Pick no less than 12-15. Unlimited plans will also suit your case! Especially, if you like online gaming, watching movies or have a plenty of work to do. If not, then 6-10 Gb will be absolutely enough. By the way, most carriers provide unlimited access to social media, so you don’t need to care about this.
  3. How many SMS and MMS do you send per month? Guess, not very many, as this kind of communication isn’t so popular nowadays. Finally! Anyway, if you are the one, who sends more than 20 messages monthly, then you should think about an appropriate plan that would provide the necessary amount. Or the one with cheap SMS.

Current communication packages for the whole family can be ordered on the Vodafone website.

Any Other Tips? Sure!

Mobile service provides usually include dozens of options and services that may be useful for some categories of users, but not for everyone. Our advice is not to include things you don’t need. For example, you may not need roaming or additional ringtones, etc. Check every option you add to the plan. Will you use it often? Will it make your daily routine easier? How will it affect your budget? After thinking everything over, it will be easier to make the right decision!

To find out more up-to-date information on various promotions and tariff plans, follow the fixed link to the Vodafone website!