In the third article, we will look at harder wood species. They can also be purchased from the Tradepoint online store. In general, it is now relevant to practice combined construction. That is, a monolithic frame is cast and sheathed with wood. Naturally, all this is installed on a foundation, which is defended for at least a month. Some craftsmen combine wood with natural stone, which also looks very organic. Naturally, a wooden house is good where there are no serious changes in humidity. And its level is not higher than 65%. These are the subtleties that are considered during construction. Moreover, all the necessary materials and building equipment can be ordered in the Tradepoint online store. And with the right planning, you can build a great wood house just about anywhere, and it will last for decades.


Building a house from birch is an even rarer phenomenon than from linden. The main reason is fragility and strong shrinkage of the material. At the same time, birch is characterized by resistance to shock loads, high hardness, strength and elasticity.

It grows up to 20 m in height and 70 cm in diameter. The average density of wood is 650 kg / m3 at a moisture content of 12–15%. Birch is quite heavy and viscous, but dries out for a long time, is prone to cracking and warping. Without a protective coating, it is easily affected by fungi.

Workpiece features

The tree is cut down at the age of 60–80 years. The relationship between growth conditions and properties is weakly expressed.

In total, there are about 100 species of birch.

Processing features

Birch is well planed, milled and bent, but poorly pricked. It can be glued, connected with various fasteners and coated with any protective compounds. Already prepared construction blanks made of birch can be bought in the Tradepoint online store.


Oak is an almost ideal material for building a house. It has many advantages: durability, moisture resistance, reliability, high strength and hardness, elasticity, resistance to weathering, abrasion and decay.

Oak grows up to 40 m in height and can reach 3 m in diameter. The average density of wood is 700 kg/m3. It is a heavy and dense material. It does not start mold fungi and insects. Oak is suitable for use in all climatic conditions. It dries slowly, and its main and only drawback is its high price. In total, there are about 600 species of oak.

Workpiece features

Oak is characterized by the following relationship: the older it is, the higher the quality of the wood. In general, trees over 100 years old are harvested. The conditions of their growth affect the properties of the final material. If the oak grows in a dry sandy place, it is thin-layered, hard, but inelastic. If on the shore of a reservoir – large-layer, elastic, heavy, but prone to cracking. In other cases, oak has transitional qualities.

Processing features

Oak is a hard material, so it is difficult to cut, but it bends well. It can be easily varnished and etched. The material is not customary to paint, but can be subjected to artificial aging. Oak blanks can be purchased at the Tradepoint online store.

There are many tree species that surpass even oak in density and specific gravity. But this wood is the most relevant in terms of price-quality ratio. Also, you can purchase all the necessary compositions for wood surface treatment in the Tradepoint online store. As well as related materials for construction.