The Tradepoint online store continues to talk about current sales of wood for renovation and construction. In this article, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of spruce and linden.


The tree grows up to 60 m in height and up to 1.2 m in diameter. Such material can retain its natural color for decades, and this is one of its main advantages. Spruce, like pine, is soft, resistant to deformation and does not dry out. In terms of flexibility, it even surpasses pine and practically does not turn blue.

The average spruce density is 470 kg/m3 at a moisture content of 12–15%. It is considered a lightweight material. Wood has a loose structure, so it retains heat better in rooms. Its weak point is the susceptibility to splitting in the dried state and low moisture resistance. Such material must be coated with moisture-repellent compounds.

Workpiece features

A spruce suitable for building a house is harvested at the age of 80-120 years. She does not have such a dependence on growing conditions, like pine.

Spruce is an ideal material for making musical instruments. This is due to the very uniform arrangement of the fibers and the formation of microscopic resonant chambers during the drying of the resin passages.

Processing features

Despite the softness of wood and low resin content, spruce processing is a rather complicated process. It is hampered by numerous small and hard knots in the material. Well processed and properly dried spruce can be purchased at the Tradepoint online store.


Linden is more often used to build a sauna. Meanwhile, it is quite suitable for the construction of warm and cozy buildings. This tree grows up to 30 m in height. One of the main advantages of the material is the low level of heat transfer. Linden – soft and elastic. It cracks and warps during drying, but after it remains stable.

The average density of the material is 530 g/m3 at a moisture content of 12–15%. Of the benefits – linden does not attract rodents at all. Of the minuses – the tree turns yellow under the sun, causes corrosion of iron, is easily damaged by fungi and is short-lived. When used, it needs a protective coating.

Workpiece features

Linden harvesting begins when it reaches the age of 80 years. Features of growing conditions do not affect its properties.

In total, there are about 45 species of linden. The Tradepoint online store offers two varieties: European and large-leaf. The first is considered denser, harder and heavier, but this difference is negligible.

Processing features

Linden is easily cut, pricked, bent and planed. At the same time, it does not absorb moisture well, so it is difficult to paint. The easiest way out is to varnish the surface of the wood. or wax oil.

Due to the ease of processing in the Middle Ages, fraudsters made copies of ducal or royal seals from linden. This is where the expression “fake seal” comes from. Quality processed softwood for repair and construction can be purchased at the Tradepoint online store.

In the Tradepoint online store, you can also order all the necessary compositions for processing various types of wood. Starting from varnish and special paints, ending with compositions against parasites.