The fact that natural wood is an environmentally friendly material is an indisputable fact. It also maintains a healthy indoor climate. Wooden houses are warm in winter and cool in summer. They are comfortable to live in. Of course, this material is also imperfect and has its drawbacks, so a competent choice is one of the ways to minimize them. So, what is the best wood for building a house? The Tradepoint shop launches an overview of the most relevant woods for construction and renovation.

Wood Species

In general, both coniferous and deciduous trees are suitable for this purpose. We will consider one type of wood for building a house – pine.


Pine is considered the most common tree species in Europe. Its main advantages are low cracking after drying and low shrinkage. In addition, it is resistant to decay, good viscosity, moderate warpage, strength and durability. The wood has a beautiful and clearly traced structure. Plus, in the Tradepoint online store, it is inexpensive.

In total, there are 125 species of pine. But we are usually talking about Scotch pine. In a warm climate, it grows in the mountains, in a temperate and cold climate – on the plains. In the Northern Hemisphere, the tree is distributed up to the Arctic Circle.

Pine can grow up to 50 m high and up to 1 m in diameter. At the same time, the length of the trunk without branches reaches 20 m. The average density of wood is 520 kg / m3 at a moisture content of 12–15%. This is quite a lot, so pine is not considered a light material. Another of its interesting properties is a wide range of mechanical properties. They directly depend on the origin and growth conditions of the tree.

A bright negative property of pine is the appearance of surface blue. It does not change the mechanical properties of the material, but worsens the appearance. Blue can be quite successfully dealt with by bleaching. By the way, all the necessary substances for caring for wood can be bought at the Tradepoint online store.

Workpiece Features

Pine is cut down at the age of 100-120 years. High-quality wood over 160 years old. Depending on the growing conditions, the specific gravity and density of wood vary. Trees with a loose structure and low density grow on well-moistened and fertile soils. The best material is given by trees growing on sandstones, uplands or hills – dry and infertile soils. This wood is characterized by a fine-grained structure and high density.

Processing Features

Pine is a soft material that is easy to work with. It is easy to cut across the fibers and hard along. With gouging, the situation is reversed: along the fibers – good, across – bad. The material is well glued and connected with fasteners.

According to the degree of resin content, pine is divided into tar and dry chips. The first contains a lot of resin, resists moisture well, but is difficult to process. Resin clogs tools, seeps through coatings, and swells when heated. Such pine is suitable for building a house, but it must be tarred with special compounds. The dry chip is perfectly planned, cut, painted and pickled, but cannot withstand high loads. It is suitable for carpentry work.

You can order the highest quality pine from the Tradepoint online store. This is where you can find wood of any density. It will be properly dried to the proper degree of moisture. Wood from the Tradepoint online store is distinguished by its reliability and durability!