In the modern world, wrist watches have long moved from the category of necessary things to the category of status and fashion accessories. A man wears a watch more as a stylish piece of jewelry that emphasizes his personality, rather than using it for its intended purpose. To choose such an accessory for yourself, you should determine what style of clothing you wear most often. Thus, you will be able to purchase a watch that will fit most of your sets. We will talk about the designs of men’s watches and their combinations with various clothes in our article. By the way, both watches and clothes for a fashionable bow can be ordered on the Lacoste website. Follow the pinned link!

Classic Style

Men who prefer a classic style of dress should give preference to a round watch with a medium-sized dial. You also need to pay attention to the wrists: if they are large, then choose a more impressive watch, as a small watch on such hands will look feminine.

The white dial is considered more classic. The date of the calendar is the only possible addition for watches with a strict classical style. The strap can be either metal or leather. In the second case, do not forget that it must match in color and texture with the belt and shoes.

Do not try to buy a watch that will be suitable for everyday use and for special occasions. If you were not going to buy several models, decide which one is more priority for you.

Smart Casual

Smart casual style is a compromise between comfort and classic. A man dressing in this way can afford a watch with some decorative elements or additional features. For example, they may have a dark-colored dial, as well as built-in chronographs.

Round, oval or rectangular watches are also suitable for this fashion trend. The metal strap is versatile and more durable. It is great for everyday wear, but will also be appropriate for a business meeting and a party. A leather belt is more elegant, but should be paired with shoes and a belt. Which option to choose is up to you.


If you do not follow the dress code and prefer a free style of clothing, then your choice of watches is almost unlimited. Depending on preferences, the dial can be minimalistic even without numbers and divisions, or vice versa, with a calendar and chronographs. You can also afford straps in brighter colors. In addition to such classic materials as metal and leather, you can opt for rubber, wood or fabric. By the way, this kind of watch can be ordered on the Lacoste website. Follow the link below and choose your favorite!

Romantic Style

Modern romantics will suit watches in a classic or vintage style. It is better to choose a strap made of leather, fabric or metal. A man who prefers a similar style of clothing should exude a spirit of adventurism and adventure. This also applies to his watches, so they can have an aviation look or resemble a compass.

Sport Style

If you are a sports fan, then you need the right watch. Opt for waterproof models. Sports watches often have a huge range of functions: from a stopwatch to a GPS navigator. An alternative to such “walkers” can be smart watches. They have a wide functionality and a stylish laconic case.

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