The article is relevant for those who are thinking about choosing a home theater and want to spend money not in vain. Here is information about the main nuances that should be considered when choosing the very model that is ideal for you. You will learn about the configuration, classification and features of this device.

The concept of “home theater” includes a set of equipment with a variety of functions that transmit a video image to the screen, and sound to speakers and amplification devices.

The combination of these devices provides high quality picture and sound. The effect of presence appears, as if you are not at home, but in the cinema hall.

Buying a home theater is one of the most successful ways to equip your home for full entertainment. After all, watching a great movie in impeccable quality with family or friends is a really great pastime. By the way, on the Tink website you can order all the necessary equipment for a home theater. Follow the pinned link!

What is a Home Theater Made of?

This is a specially selected set of devices that plays video and audio content. It includes:

  • A player is a device that directly plays a recording from a disc or other media.
  • AV receiver. Converts the signal from digital to analog, routes and amplifies it to the speakers.
  • A multi-channel acoustic system with a subwoofer is a device that directly creates an audio signal.
  • An LCD or plasma TV is needed to display the picture.

Important: the speaker system is a particularly important detail in a home theater. It is necessary not only to choose it correctly, but also to successfully position it.

In addition, the display plays a special role. The quality of reproduction depends on it. After all, if the sound is perfect, and the picture is muddy and dim, the viewing pleasure will be critically small.

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Based on the area of room, the power of the device can be 60-150 watts. Of course, the higher this indicator, the better the sound and the higher the cost.

However, it is important, first of all, to focus on the area of room. Indeed, in a small room (up to 20 m²), a power of 80 watts is enough.

Player Type

There are two types of player: DVD and Blu-ray. The first plays files up to 8 GB, the second – up to 50 GB, which allows you to enjoy the best picture quality.

The DVD player is considered obsolete because it does not produce the maximum resolution (720×576 pixels).

A Blu-ray player, thanks to reading from an optical disc, shows video even in 4K format, but it also costs much more.

Be sure to check which formats your player supports, as the image also plays an important role in organizing the perfect movie night.

Impedance And Sensitivity Acoustics

This is the resistance of the speakers to alternating current. It must be taken into account when connecting to an amplifier. It is important that they work with the same indicators

A low impedance may distort the sound, and vice versa – the sound will become quiet.

Speaker Package Types

The acoustic complex is designated by two numbers. The first of the combination indicates the number of speakers, the second – subwoofers.

There are kits from 1.0 to 8.1. The best option is 5.1, which has the following types of speakers: two front speakers, two rear speakers, a center input and a subwoofer. This combination flawlessly creates surround sound.


The saturation of the sound and the low risk of losing high and low frequencies are directly dependent on the bandwidth indicator. To evaluate this parameter, it is important to know that the perception of a range of 16 Hz–20 kHz is acceptable for a person.

Connection Types

There are two types of connection: wired and wireless. The first is considered reliable and affordable, but not very convenient, because the wires tend to get confused.

Wireless differs precisely in the absence of cables. However, the sound quality and price are inferior.


There are these types of connectors:

  • HDMI is the most popular digital connection designed to carry high quality audio and video. With it, the cinema can be connected to a projector, monitor or TV. There is one drawback – the signal attenuates with increasing length.
  • Coaxial is a digital audio interface that is resistant to bending and pinching, but is prone to interference.
  • Optical – A digital interface serving as a high quality audio signal transmitter that is resistant to interference. The disadvantage is that it is subject to mechanical stress.
  • Component is an analog connector capable of transmitting video only. It is considered the best and provides a high quality signal over a long distance.
  • Composite – analog connection in legacy devices, for the transmission of audio and video signals of medium quality.
  • Line (AUX) – An analog connection, but for audio signal transmission.


Speaker cabinets are made from several types of materials. Plastic is considered the cheapest, which creates excellent acoustic performance and allows you to make any shape of the speakers. This material is often used, despite the main drawback – rattling during use, which distorts the sound.

The representative of the optimal balance of price and quality is MDF. Mainly used in conjunction with plastic.

The highest sound parameters are provided by wood. However, the price of such a product will be much higher than previous materials. It is used in the manufacture of acoustics of the elite category.

Wireless Technologies

The built-in Wi-Fi module connects the cinema to the network for viewing recordings from a PC or the Internet.

Bluetooth connects the device with a smartphone, player and other gadgets to play files stored on them.

The NFC chip is a piece of wireless communication that works at a distance of up to 10 cm. With this chip, it is easier to connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It is enough to place the gadget near the cinema.

Additional Features

It is easy to adjust the bass and treble with the help of self-tuning – the equalizer.

Smart TV – allows you to connect your device to the Internet to work with various services: YouTube videos, radio, etc.

3D support is an interesting feature that plays photo and video files in 3D. But for this you still need special glasses.

AirPlay – allows you to wirelessly connect your Apple gadget to the theater to listen to music and play other files from it.

The FM tuner is a convenient and useful feature for listening to radio broadcasts.

Equipping a magnetic screen protector is also an important factor for a home theater. It is better if it is placed near the front and center speakers. Usually they are located near the monitor or TV, because due to the magnetic radiation from the speakers, distortion can occur.

Progressive scan. Provides for the construction of a picture on the screen, during which even and odd lines are displayed in turn. This ensures the highest possible image quality. Important: this function should be on both the home theater and the TV.

Karaoke is an entertainment feature that allows you to play your favorite songs along with music (“backing track”). A home theater system must have a microphone jack for this.

What You Need to Know to Make the Right Choice

Everyone is able to choose a home theater that will meet all requirements. Especially if you know the parameters of the room where this set of devices will be placed, the necessary technical parameters and the budget that you are ready to allocate for this purchase.

Don’t forget to consider the design of your home theater as well. It should complement the interior of the room and match the style. The screen is traditionally placed in the center, and the speakers are at the same distance from each other. The rear elements of acoustics are recommended to be installed approximately above the head of the audience.

Important: speakers are floor, ceiling and wall. The most realistic sound is provided by the latter.

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