The choice between gas and charcoal grills is always a heated debate between conservative Old Believers and lovers of innovation.

Connoisseurs of gatherings by the fire usually choose classic charcoal grills. Gas models are a modern alternative for those who value their comfort and time. They can be bought at the Robert Dyas online store.

So, we highlight the undeniable advantages of gas grills:

  1. saving time – instantly warms up, quickly cooks;
  2. the ability to cook dishes of any complexity. The problem can only arise with “long” recipes, when you want to leave the dish on the grill all night;
  3. simple care;
  4. price. Surprised by this item? Gas grills do cost more than charcoal grills when first purchased. But their maintenance in the future is much cheaper. Because the price of high-quality coal and firewood from good wood is much higher than the cost of gas.

The modern market offers such an extensive selection of models that an inexperienced buyer does not immediately understand the differences and advantages. Robert Dyas Online Store explains how to choose the perfect gas grill. Well, let’s start!

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Buying A Grill

  1. How many people are in the family?
  2. How often will you cook?
  3. Where do you plan to use the grill: in a summer cottage, in a country house, or from time to time to take it with you on picnics?

The answers to these questions will help determine the type of grill. It can be purchased from the Robert Dyas online store.

Formally, they can be divided into three: built-in, mobile and portable.

Built-in grills are suitable for owners of cottages or country houses with a full-fledged kitchen, which is also used in the cold season.

Portable grills are suitable for picnic trips with friends and family. They are relatively small, light and compact.

Mobile grills are also suitable for owners of cottages or country houses. They are the most popular. Equipped with wheels, so they can be easily moved from home to outdoor cooking area, and then returned to storage.

When buying, pay attention to the wheels on the grill. The small wheels are suitable for transport on hard surfaces. Namely: concrete or asphalt paths, paving stones, wooden flooring. If the grill has to be transported on grass, dirt or gravel paths, it is better to choose a model with large wheels. There may be two or more.

Another important parameter is the number of burners. For a family of up to 4 people, 2-3 burners are enough. If the family is large, or you are hospitable hosts who often host large companies, we recommend buying models with a minimum of 4 burners. They allow you to cook more food, including different dishes at the same time, and tolerate intensive use well. Models with different numbers of burners can be purchased from the Robert Dyas online store.

Oven Features

At first glance, the ovens in gas grills seem to be the same. But there are several nuances that you should pay attention to when choosing.

Construction type – cast or prefabricated. First, it affects the care of the grill. A cast boiler is easier to wash and clean, since food particles do not clog into the joints and corners, and grease does not accumulate. Maintenance of a multi-piece boiler, especially without a self-cleaning system, requires more effort and time. A similar grill model can be purchased at the Robert Dyas online store.

Look at the lid. If your list of favorite dishes is only classic steaks or grilled vegetables, then skip this item. If you intend to cook a whole chicken, turkey, or massive ham, you need tall, domed lids. In stationary models, it is important to pay attention to the high lid opening mechanism. How much space it takes in the open position, at what distance from the wall you need to install a grill in the kitchen. A similar model is sold in the Robert Dyas online store.

A useful characteristic of some models is the double walls of the body and cover. They retain heat for a long time and keep the desired temperature inside the boiler.

In the following articles, we will analyze other components of a quality grill. Live with taste! Your online store Robert Dyas.