Before you take any camera, you should decide what exactly it will need to be used. After all, most often we choose a device for certain types of shooting: professional, amateur, underwater and others. Therefore, to begin with, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the most common types of cameras and find out which class is best used for specific purposes. In this article, together with the Cash Converters website, we will classify and analyze the specifics of each of them. Let’s go!


Compact cameras, or soap dishes, are the most popular devices today. It will be the best choice for the average buyer who wants to buy a camera for daily use. Most often they are taken for family photography, travel, walks, birthdays and so on. These cameras are the perfect combination of size, quality and pricing.

Compact models are usually equipped with auto focus and exposure, which allows you to take good pictures with the press of just one button. They also have macro photography and the ability to record Full HD video. Of the minuses, one can note the poor quality of the photo in poor lighting. It is worth noting that an excellent selection of cameras is presented on the Cash Converters website. Follow the pinned link!


Ultrazooms are also quite popular among buyers. They are very similar in size to compact cameras, but have a lens that is incomparable to compact lenses. The zoom value in such models ranges from 8 to 30 units of magnification. Of the pluses, it is definitely worth highlighting the image stabilization, thanks to which you can take pictures with a slow shutter speed at long focal lengths. Ultrazooms are ideal for macro lovers, good for photography at both medium and very long distances. These cameras are equipped with powerful and high-performance processors and high-resolution electronic viewfinders. There is in them the possibility of not only automatic, but also manual shooting, as well as recording files in uncompressed RAW format. Ultrazooms are suitable for active people who love travel, wildlife, hiking. To view the entire range of cameras that are presented on the Cash Converters website, follow the fixed link!

Compact Advanced

Advanced compact cameras, often referred to as semi-professional cameras, are easily confused with “DSLRs”. In appearance, they are really very similar to professional devices: large, large, designed in strict black. It is quite comfortable to hold such cameras in your hands, while the camera does not move when shooting, which allows you to get better quality pictures.

They have a larger matrix, thanks to which the image quality is much higher than in conventional “soap dishes”. For more experienced photographers, a huge selection of manual settings will come in handy, which, with skillful handling, will allow you to get photos of the highest quality. However, unlike professional cameras, it is impossible to change the lens in them.

There is also the possibility of saving pictures in RAW format, more capacitive batteries and efficient flash. Often in this class there are devices with a swivel screen, with very good optics, as a rule, they are selected taking into account the features of the camera’s matrix. The body of such cameras is often made of lightweight magnesium alloy. And the photos taken by some models of this class are in no way inferior to professional shots. Such devices will most of all appeal to people who enjoy capturing the beauties of nature and are not afraid to experiment. They are often used by professionals. Advanced compact cameras can be found in small photo studios specializing in shooting static objects, in advertising and commercial structures, and small television companies. By the way, they can also be ordered on the Cash Converters website. Follow the link!


Rangefinders are digital cameras that have a focusing device called a rangefinder. The principle of their work is that it is necessary to rotate the ring until the two images are combined into one. The presence of three windows in the case indicates a higher quality device. One of them is used to focus and compose, the other two help to control the lighting of the scene. Cheaper models are equipped with only two windows. The rangefinder and viewfinder in most models are located separately. And in some more modern devices, the viewfinder and rangefinder are combined, which makes working with the device more comfortable. All rangefinder cameras have the ability to change the lens.

These cameras have many advantages. This includes high quality photos, lighter lenses compared to DSLRs, quiet operation, constant display of the scene, and passive focusing in the dark. However, there are some downsides as well. For example, rangefinder cameras require constant adjustment and maintenance. They also lack zoom lenses or lenses with various specific effects, such as fisheye. Also, rangefinder cameras do not have the possibility of macro photography and close shooting of objects. These are real professional shooting devices that will satisfy any experienced photographer and can be used in various fields. Follow the fixed link to the Cash Converters website and choose the model that suits you!


Professional cameras or “DSLRs” got their name from the mirror that the device is equipped with. Through this mirror, the future image, refracted, enters the viewfinder, which contributes to obtaining high-quality photographs.

However, the main component of a great picture is, first of all, the camera’s matrix, and the larger it is, the clearer and better the photo will turn out.

Another feature of professional cameras are removable lenses. Most often, for professional purposes, it is the body of the camera that is purchased, and the lens is purchased separately in accordance with the needs. Beginners, as a rule, purchase a standard camera, complete with a lens, which in wide circles is called a kit lens.

Of the minuses of professional cameras, one can single out the high price of the device and rather large dimensions. Everything else is top notch.

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Ruggedized cameras are ordinary compact devices equipped with a high-security housing. They are often used for extreme and underwater shooting, as they are resistant to moisture, low temperatures, dust, and shockproof.

Such devices can shoot at temperatures down to minus ten degrees Celsius. At the same time, the possibility of shooting in colder weather is not ruled out, subject to the stable operation of lithium-ion batteries.

With their help, you can shoot beautiful and high-quality photos in the rain, on the beach, and even underwater, as they are pressure resistant and allow you to dive to a depth of ten to fifteen meters. Fine dust particles do not enter the body of protected cameras, which keeps them working much longer.

The case of such devices has good impact resistance, which means that you should not be afraid of falling and failure of the camera. However, this applies to a certain height: one and a half to two meters.

Such cameras are suitable not only for lovers of extreme recreation, but also for those people who like to photograph everything, everywhere and in any weather. You can safely take them with you on fishing, surfing, diving, snowboarding or skiing, climbing a mountain and on any trip.

Protected cameras are usually equipped with a barometer, a built-in GPS module, a flashlight and a compass. They have a high-quality display and a zoom lens. The battery compartment has a special double latching system, which eliminates the possibility of accidental opening. The body parts are very tightly fitted to each other, and any gaps are sealed. The lens is completely hidden inside the body, and the optics are equipped with a specialized metal shutter.

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