Gtech Pro 2 stick vacuum is an example of an efficient approach to the house cleaning process. This is a very lightweight vacuum cleaner that is equipped with all the necessary nozzles for cleaning. It is wireless, which allows you not to depend on the power supply for a long time. This is a real helper at home, which will give you the opportunity to save time and clean in the most inaccessible places.

The Gtech Pro 2 handheld vacuum cleaner is a combination of simplicity, efficiency and smoothness. House cleaning becomes a pleasure. Large-capacity removable bags eliminate the need to wash or clean filters and make disposal of accumulated debris more hygienic, protecting the surrounding area from dust and dirt.

What is Gtech Pro 2 made of?

  • Stick-Hand Vacuum Cleaner
  • Nozzle with built-in electric drive
  • Maintenance consumables for hygienic debris removal
  • LED lamps.

The improved version of Gtech Pro 2 makes it possible to clean carpets, floor coverings of various types, even floors with holes in the canvas. The Pro 2 Power Nozzle is equipped with Gtech’s unique AirLOC technology, which is great for picking up large debris, when you point the vacuum cleaner in front of you, it removes fine dirt, dust, and stubborn hair when pulled towards you. Among other things, this brush prevents the accumulation of hair, so that the mechanism of the vacuum cleaner does not get tangled and does not fail due to overvoltage.

Gtech Pro 2 can be instantly turned into a handheld vacuum cleaner for cleaning hard-to-reach places: stairs, baseboards, dressing rooms. At the same time, the use of nozzles of various configurations involves more than 10 types of cleaning:

  • premises;
  • machines, if there are several;
  • carpets – both wall and floor;
  • coatings from a variety of materials;
  • booths or other place for a dog, cat and so on.

To maximize the ergonomics of each waste bin, airflow compresses the dirt into the bag when active cleaning is in progress. This helps not to constantly replace the garbage collectors during a large cleaning, for example, after a repair. In addition, the folds directly in the middle of the tank itself increase the total area of ​​​​the dust container, which helps to collect more dirt. It turns out the same performance as a bagless vacuum cleaner, only more efficient due to the absence of a cyclone container that consumes additional power.

Despite the fact that the Pro 2 is very durable, it weighs only 2.8 kg. And without a power cord, you can safely move from room to room. In addition, double extendable aluminum tubes make it easier to clean the surface. Its chen is easy to store. You just need to break it down into its components.

The vacuum cleaner is powered by a 22V lithium-ion battery. It fully charges in just 4 hours and has a 4-step LED indicator that shows how much power is left. Gtech Pro 2 has 2 power settings to choose from: you control the cleaning process yourself. You can select a special “Eco” mode for cleaning up to 40 minutes. Also, it can be overclocked by the “Max” mode, which reduces the work to 20 minutes.