In mid-August, the notorious Dyson company introduced a bunch of new vertical cordless vacuum cleaners to the European market. They undoubtedly belong to the premium segment and bring new technologies and company innovations to it. As part of the update, the Dyson V11 model has been improved. At the same time, by increasing the volume of the container and the torque of the special nozzle (outsize version). Also, three new vacuum cleaners have been added:

  • Dyson Micro – the lightest in the line, only one and a half kilograms;
  • V15 Detect Absolute in two configurations;
  • V12 Detect Slim Absolute, which we will talk about today.

Design, Materials, Attachments, Ergonomics

The exterior of vacuum cleaners from the English company Dyson does not allow them to be confused with any other models. First of all, it is a corporate form of the main body. It has long become a kind of calling card and the subject of inspiration for individual manufacturers of similar models. The external design of the Dyson V12 Detect Slim largely repeats the samples of past model years. A massive engine stands out, connected to a filtration system and a dust container. Metal tube for attaching nozzles. Their mounts are highlighted in red and have not changed visually. This system is reliable and proven. So, the manufacturer decided not to reinvent the new design. The lever is also highlighted in red. It opens the dust container, allowing contactless cleaning of debris.

Materials are all good:

  • joints worked out;
  • static elements do not creak;
  • the metal of the tube does not bend and does not squeeze through, while it itself is not heavy.

It is worth saying that outwardly the vacuum cleaner looks impressive, but the weight of just over two kilograms surprises. The reduction in power and the accompanying change in the internal layout, as well as a smaller dust collector, have affected. An interesting and significant change for many is the vacuum cleaner power button, it is present in the Dyson V12 Detect Slim and Micro models. Not everyone likes to keep the vacuum cleaner trigger pressed all the time. The hand strains and causes inconvenience, from which the button relieves. The color LCD is located in the same place, on the back side of the main body, next to the air outlets. For control, there is a button that switches modes and allows you to select a language when you first turn it on.

The vacuum cleaner motor can accelerate to 125,000 rpm and produce up to 150 watts. The older model reaches 230 watts. The indicator for its class is adequate.

As for the nozzles, here, too, there were some interesting innovations. In areas where pets live, the updated turbo brush will definitely come in handy. Its conical shape and the angle of the bristles keep the fur and hair from getting tangled. Instead, the resulting lump spirals along the entire length of the brush into the container.

The rest of the nozzles have not changed: brushes with soft and hard bristles for different types of cleaning. Surfaces of upholstered furniture, armchairs or car interiors. Lacquered furniture set. The combined nozzle extends and combines the treatment with and without bristles. For narrow gaps, there is a thin nozzle. It allows you to get into the space between the cushions of the sofa or into narrow gaps behind the cabinet. The adapter completes the cleaning kit. It allows you to clean even more hard-to-reach places where both the length of the tube and the bend are required.

Of course, the highlight of the Dyson V12 Detect Slim and Micro is the green light laser light built into the thin soft roller nozzle. The tricky electronics are visible through the transparent plastic. Click the switch on the nozzle body – and when processing the floor, the dust will be highlighted at an angle of 1.5 degrees from a height of 7.3 mm. The brightness of the glow slightly decreases in the sun, but for hard-to-reach and dark places it will obviously come in handy.

Due to the reduced body weight, the vacuum cleaner has become even more convenient to use with one hand. Nozzles for hard floors and carpets flex and follow the movement of the user’s hands. The power button is pressed moderately elastically, for accidental activation, an accentuated effort is needed. Cleaning is convenient and even interesting at first, the experience is unusual, especially when switching from a wired model. And the guest from Foggy Albion is distinguished by a noticeably quieter work, again in comparison with more “old” colleagues.

You can buy V12 Detect Slim in the Dyson online store. All cleanliness and order in the house!