How to make a cool hairstyle with just one styler? Of course! And Dyson in this article will describe which ones!

For example, curls are a great solution for any occasion. Dyson is sure that this is a win-win option for a female image. The quickest and easiest way to shape them is with a styler – this electric appliance is easy to operate. You should know how to form curls with this device, and what important rules you should not forget.

How to create a chic perm?

Dyson is sure: creating curls with a styler is easy. As you get used to it, you can do it professionally and quickly. But the perm is not in a hurry. If you’re not careful, tangled or uneven curls are all you’ll get. Moreover, there is a risk of getting burned. Therefore, leave enough time to create and style hairstyles.

Common curling methods

You can create curls from the face. Or make light waves – it all depends on the winding method. There are several common ways to create curls. With the help of a Dyson styler, this is possible on hair of any length.

  1. Turn on and heat up the appliance. Before doing this, you need to put on the desired Dyson nozzle. If you can set the temperature yourself, choose 160-220 degrees. This parameter depends on the volume and strength of the hair.
  1. Comb your hair thoroughly so that it is convenient to divide into strands. Apply a heat protectant. Also, all strands must be dry.
  1. Form the same sections about 5-7 cm in size. It is advisable to secure each section with a hairpin or form flagella. Fasten them with small rubber bands.
  1. Wind the strands from each section into a cone. Don’t pull your hair over each other. This will help avoid creases. Twist the strands from the middle to the tips. Be careful not to touch the base with your fingers so as not to burn yourself.
  1. Roll each finished curl into a ring and fasten it on your head. When all sections are wound, sprinkle hair with varnish.

Important rules for a perfect curl

Before curling strands, it is worth remembering a few important rules:

  • Dry your hair thoroughly before curling. Drying allows the hair scales to close. This reduces the harm of the procedure;
  • To create a natural hairstyle, twist the strands both clockwise and counterclockwise;
  • It is important to choose the right diameter for your Dyson styler. You need to proceed from the width of the curls that you want to get. But even with a standard diameter, you can experiment by simply winding strands of various densities.

The styler is available from the Dyson Store. With it, you can form not only cute curls, but also other voluminous hairstyles. What’s more, Dyson knows women’s desire to try new things. So, with a Dyson styler, even hair can be shaped. It all depends on your desire and the appropriate nozzle.