Let’s continue our guide to choose the best vacuum cleaner for pet owners. Don’t be afraid of fluffy cats and dogs anymore, as Shark Clean has already prepared super solutions just for you!

Convenient swivel head

Cleaning stairs and corners in the house from animal hair is much easier if the brush head has a swivel head like in devices by Shark Clean. Otherwise, you will have to bend your hands and crawl at the most uncomfortable angle. The best option for country houses, townhouses and large apartments with the presence of animals – vertical cordless vacuum cleaners with a flexible head. No wires and the easiest access to the corners where the wool is collected.

Turbo brush

This is a nozzle with a spinning roller and hard bristles. It perfectly cleans dirt, wool from the floor or carpet and, at the same time, knocks out all the dust. Hair and threads are wound on the roller and do not clog the filter system of the vacuum cleaner. Turbo brushes are mechanical and electric. They first rotate due to the airflow that the vacuum cleaner sucks. The latter are equipped with an electric motor that rotates the roller. These turbo brushes clean wool better, the speed of their rotation does not depend on the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. But on flat surfaces, the rotating turbo brush gets in the way. Therefore, it is convenient when you can turn it off and continue cleaning.


Naturally, in order for the vacuum cleaner to effectively remove pet hair or dirt from pets, choose a model with a power of at least 450 W. Check for the best ones on Shark Clean official website.

Dust collector 

Inveterate cat lovers and dog lovers know that each cleaning is incomplete with one dust collector by Shark Clean, as there is a lot of wool. Of course, replacement bags are extra costs for consumables. But there is a more ergonomic and reusable alternative: the design of some vacuum cleaners provides for cyclonic air filtration. It allows you to separate the polluted stream into garbage and purified air. Wool, dust and fine dirt remain in the filter and do not penetrate inside. As a result, the engine life becomes longer, and the replacement of filters and replaceable garbage bags is required less.

Dogs and cats are joy and positive for their owners. But you must always remember that you also need to bear responsibility for them. And the cleanliness of the house is the health of all its inhabitants. Shark Clean helps to do this easily!