Furry pet owners know that wool is a very difficult type of soiling. It clogs in the gaps between the floorboards, clings to the pile of the carpet, electrifies and is attracted to clothe, bedding and appliances. It is especially difficult for allergy sufferers: you can’t get rid of a pet, and a constantly flowing nose and red eyes cause severe discomfort. There is a way out: regular cleaning with Shark Clean! Since you will have to clean up often, you need a good helper in this matter – a vacuum cleaner for animal hair. What characteristics should this “animal” have, and what else can be done to achieve cleanliness in a house with animals? Let’s figure it out together!

A certain amount of wool can be collected by any vacuum cleaner. But in order for the quality of cleaning to be high, it is better to buy powerful equipment by Shark Clean with a turbo brush, a convenient swivel head, a nozzle for upholstered furniture, thorough filtration, and a large volume of dust collector. Let’s take a closer look at each of the parameters.

Nozzles for cleaning upholstered furniture

Wool settles everywhere – not only on the floor, but also on the furniture. It can be removed with a sticky roller or a wet brush. However, of course, it is more efficient to do this with a vacuum cleaner, provided that it is adapted for this. The package usually includes a small nozzle: with rough fabric inserts, a simple nozzle with bristles or a mini-turbo brush like Shark Clean. The latter is the most efficient pet cleaning tool.


Cat or dog hair, coupled with dust and other irritants, can cause severe allergies. But it’s pretty easy to remove. It is much more difficult to clean the room from particles of the epidermis of animals because they are petite. Allergy to the epithelium is a common type, so you need to pay special attention to the filtration system in the vacuum cleaner. It is very important that it retains particles of fine dirt and dust as reliably as possible. The HEPA system, a type of high-efficiency air filter, does an impressive job of this. Used in vacuum cleaners, air purification systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems. It consists of interwoven fibers. Large particles get stuck in a filter like a sieve. Smaller ones are attracted and stick firmly. It is best to opt for HEPA filters of class 12-14. Also, an excellent option for an apartment or a house with dogs and cats is a vacuum cleaner with an aqua filter. Air with dust and wool passes through a container of water. Dirt gets wet and settles at the bottom of the filter. And the purified and humidified air comes out.

These are not the all features of a perfect vacuum cleaner for pet owners by Shark Clean. See our next article to learn more!