Have you ever dreamt of getting a magical pot to cook everything instead of you and free some time for more important things? Try Ninja and get maximum pleasure of home routine. Tasty dishes will be prepared in one multi-cooking pot, which is fully compatible with dishwashers, thanks to ceramic-coated dishwasher-safe parts. Dozens of available modes, high-quality and speedy work, simple usage and much more. Productive Ninja Multi-Cookers can upgrade any kitchen!

Why Is It Necessary?

  • Comfort. The processor may be navigated in a few clicks, so no huge manual books are required. By the way, the appliance doesn’t take much space, so it may be placed wherever you wish. 
  • Silence. Multi-cookers work unnoticeably! Not like old-fashioned food processors from early 90s. They were too noisy – all neighbours knew someone was chopping vegetables. That’s not what is required in 2022. 
  • Simplicity. Have you ever thought about engaging your children in cooking dinners or just helping them become more independent? Nothing easier! With such a simple tool, even kids can cook delicious dishes and enjoy themselves in the kitchen.
  • No risks. Back to children, Ninja processors are well-protected from inflammation and other unexpected surprises. They have several security levels to provide maximum safety for those, who use them. The same goes for ingredients. It’s impossible to spoil them, as smart cooking technologies control the process till its end.
  • Speedy cooking. Each process requires only a few minutes to be done. Sometimes, even less.
  • More time for yourself. Hey, it’s 2022 already! You don’t have to spend the whole day cooking, washing and cleaning! Smart appliances can do everything instead of you. Your ideas – our implementation!

What Options Are Available?

In general, Ninja Multi-Cookers include about 9 main cooking functions. Some models have more, some – less. The main benefit: everything can be done together in one pot! Anyway, the most popular modes are:

  • Grill,
  • Slow Cook,
  • Air Fry,
  • Pressure Cook,
  • Steam,
  • Bake/roast,
  • Dehydration.

Of course, this is not a full list of modes, but they are absolutely enough to prepare something significant and extraordinary. The available modes let you grill tasty steaks or fish, steam vegetables and even dehydrate them. Home-made yoghurts aren’t a problem either, even if you have a unique recipe.

We are sure you have already come up with the ideas what to cook, so Ninja Multi-Cooker will give you a hand with every process.