There are two main requirements for a good radiator: keep a comfortable temperature (you need to correctly calculate the number of sections) and not leak. In this case, the quality of the water in the system should not matter. Therefore, the first thing we look at the material. Not everything that glitters and looks beautiful can be mounted to a heat supply system. Especially if it’s a multi-storey building. If the radiator fails, then it is very easy to flood the neighbors. Therefore, always choose quality batteries for heating in the Tradepoint online store.

In a private house or cottage, autonomous heating is usually installed. In this case, almost any radiator will do. In a typical apartment, batteries need to be selected more carefully.

In an apartment building, radiators are selected taking into account the technical features of the heating system. For example, on the upper floors, the pressure is small, the load is less. It is not easy to find out the quality of water, its preparation in the boiler room (except by evaluating old batteries for a cut). It is necessary to proceed from the worst option: they clean poorly and irregularly, the water is dirty, with impurities.

For the sake of order, let us recall how the heat supply system works. It circulates in the system in a vicious circle due to the operation of pumps that create pressure. During operation, the following problems often arise:

  • pressure drops due to water hammer (when the speed of fluid movement changes sharply when heating is started and turned off);
  • temperature changes;
  • accidents and water drains due to the need for work (it is impossible to drain water from batteries for a long time, as they begin to rust);
  • the quality of the coolant (the water that is pumped through pipes often resembles coffee grounds in consistency).

These problems place corresponding demands on radiators. They must withstand pressure and temperature fluctuations, be resistant to the aggressive effects of water, and the connection to the pipes must be reliable. It is these batteries that are sold in the Tradepoint online store.

How To Choose Heating Batteries?

In practice, a simple rule works: the most reliable batteries are made from corrosion-resistant materials. Only the quality of execution depends on the specific brand – checking for marriage, design, shape and color.

Manufacturers presented in the Tradepoint online store offer radiator options with a special polymer inner coating. This phenomenon is relatively new, but quite practical.

Criteria for choosing a heating battery in order of importance:

  • material of manufacture;
  • durability;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • how well they heat;
  • what pressure can withstand;
  • sensitivity to the quality of the coolant;
  • maximum coolant temperature;
  • weight, ease of installation and operation;
  • appearance;
  • price.

First of all, we proceed from the material of the heating battery. We will determine the important advantages and disadvantages of radiators made of different materials. Radiators are: cast iron, steel (panel or tubular), aluminum, copper and bimetallic.

It is considered uneconomical to install cast-iron and steel panel radiators for an autonomous heating system. The former heat up for a long time, the latter contain little water, more often you need to turn on the boiler.

Steel tubular and aluminum radiators are not suitable for a heating system in high-rise buildings, unless the conditions in it are ideal. They are sensitive to water hammer. Such radiators must be equipped with gearboxes to avoid a possible accident. All the necessary equipment for the heating system can be purchased at the Tradepoint online store.

The main advice that can be given is to focus on your needs. The size of the room may vary. If this is an apartment, then be sure to take into account the criteria of the system in the whole house. Pressure in supply pipes. In houses it is easier – there you can regulate the pressure yourself. But the quality of the material is above all. Buy only the best in the Tradepoint online store.