Imagine that you have finished the renovation and are wondering: what household appliances to buy for your kitchen? Considering that this is a place where we spend a lot of time, the stove, refrigerator, oven and so on must be of the highest quality!

Often, the purchase of the necessary equipment is a complex solution that depends on the overall design. Let’s figure out what equipment is absolutely necessary when arranging such an important place at home – the kitchen.

First, before ordering the furniture itself, you need to decide on electrical appliances. Naturally, first comes the hob, oven and refrigerator.


Now you need to understand what are the critical criteria for you. Will it be an electric or gas surface?

  1. Samsung power panel

In different versions, various functions are provided – from the classic forms of heating burners to the built-in special Flex Zone system, which allows you to adjust the cooking area to the size of pots. When there is a container in this zone, for example, a frying pan, the system automatically starts measuring its area, supplying heat to the right places. There are also options with a combined surface: an induction one can contain two electric burners that are classic. These options vary by specific models.

  1. Samsung kitchen gas hob

The main advantage of the stove is burners with a power of 9.6 kW. This type of Samsung hob perfectly sautés, fries and cooks over high heat. It has built-in electric ignition and a smart gas control system for safe use.

The only thing you have to come up with is which option suits you best.


The fundamental point is the dimensions of the electrical cabinet. It all depends on what dimensions are provided for by your design project. An oven with a size of 60 cm in width and depth is considered common. For ergonomics, when planning a kitchen, compact devices from 40 to 50 cm or built into a niche specially designated for them are suitable. If the area allows, you can pay attention to larger solutions – up to 90 cm in width.

A big advantage is the convection mode. This is a uniform heating throughout the volume of the entire oven, which allows you to bake the dish more efficiently. The flow is created by fans. Also, a grill is provided, which is used for cooking meat or vegetables. There are Samsung models that are equipped with a rotating spit. This is for grilled chicken or duck lovers; barbecue, if there is no opportunity to go to the picnic. The telescopic system allows you to carefully pull the baking sheet out of the oven.


A high-quality refrigerator for products is a fundamental appliance. And the better it is, the longer meat, fruits, vegetables and dairy products will be stored.

Naturally, it all depends on the area that is allocated for the fridge. Of course, the best option is a model class with a large volume of displacement. Devices of this level can not only maintain the required set temperature inside, but also quickly freeze water, turning it into ice. Samsung has refrigerated cabinets that meet both the most demanding requirements and more modest requests. But a distinctive feature of all lines is the build quality and functionality. For example, Samsung side-by-side models stand out with a strict and discreet minimalist design. They differ in the widest range of functions – from the control console on the surface of the refrigerator door, useful volume and energy class.

Choosing high-quality and convenient appliances by Samsung, you not only make your life easier, but also increase the efficiency of all the main processes associated with cooking and storing food.