Fast fashion has taken the world by storm. With the constant need to replicate the latest styles, clothes are cheap and disposable. But not all manner is like that. If you’re looking to adopt a more mindful approach to buying clothes, consider the idea of “Buy better. Buy less. Wear more.” The summer season is the perfect time to stock up on essentials, invest in quality pieces, and look stylish all at once. In this blog, we’ll take a cue from Boden – a British fashion brand that creates high-quality clothes for wearers – and explore what to buy and how to create a timeless wardrobe.

1. Define Your Style

The first step to building a wardrobe that reflects your personality is to define your style. Take inspiration from magazines, social media, and even your friends’ styles. Experiment with different clothes, lengths, and accessories. Boden promotes the idea of timeless style – clothes you can wear for more than just one season. Their dresses, tops, and skirts are designed with subtle prints and solid colors that are fashionable yet stable.

2. Invest In Quality Pieces

Cheap clothes may seem like a bargain, but they often fall apart after a few washes. Instead of binging on lots of clothes, consider investing in one high-quality piece that can wear for years to come. Boden offers quality pieces that are both stylish and made to last. Think well-tailored blazers, classic trench coats, and versatile blouses.

3. Shop With a Purpose

Shopping with a purpose is the antithesis of fast fashion. Rather than grabbing everything you see on sale, start looking at what you need for your wardrobe and how your purchases match your style. At Boden, you’ll find plenty of stylish summer clothes on sale, but make sure you’re buying pieces that complement your wardrobe and will last for years.

4. Create a Capsule Wardrobe

One way to solve your wardrobe woes is to create a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is a collection of essential clothes that you wear season after season. Design one with the idea that you’ll have clothes you can mix and match, thus creating different outfits with fewer clothes. Boden has several pieces that would suit a capsule wardrobe – think linen shirts, comfy trousers, and lightweight summer sweaters.

5. Accessorize Smartly

Accessories are the cherry on top of the outfit – they can make or break the whole look. You don’t need to spend a lot to accessorize well. At Boden, you’ll find premium quality leather handbags that are practical yet stylish, and beautifully designed jewelry that complements each other. Having a few key accessories can make a significant difference in how your capsule wardrobe looks.

Creating a “buy better. buy less. wear more” wardrobe may seem overwhelming, but with a little bit of planning and careful buying, anyone can create a wardrobe that works for them. Boden offers quality clothes that are not over the top, and their selection of sale items makes it more accessible to start creating a timeless wardrobe. Remember, it’s not about having a lot of clothes; it’s about having the right ones that make you feel confident and stylish.