BBQ isn’t just a necessary device, but a part of culture! We all love meeting friends in the fresh air, eating tasty meat and drinking flavoured beverage. Isn’t it a symbol of summer holidays somewhere in the countryside or just in front of your house? The all you need is to choose right devices on Robert Days’ website, and make this precious time not baffling, but enjoyable for everyone!

Types of Barbecues and Their Difference

Barbecues from Robert Days may vary according to the fuel type. There are:

  • firewood,
  • charcoal,
  • electricity,
  • gas.

Firewood barbecues are simpler than other variants and may be transported everywhere you need. As well, as charcoal, really, Nevertheless, this type has some advantages – the smell of fruit wood, which gives a special accord to each dish!

Electricity barbecue requires access to power, so you can’t take it somewhere far from home. Furthermore, this device is usually stationary because of its dimensions and weight. Gas ovens may be portable, but it’s more difficult to transport them, as you also need to take a gas cylinder. It is really heavy and not overly safe, so we don’t recommend having a picknick far from home to avoid transferring gas in your car.

It’s up to you which type to choose, as they vary not only according to fuel type, but also to cost and dimensions. Try to determine your current needs and habits. Do you typically have a picknick in the garden near the house, or you need to move somewhere far from home? Do you like cooking big portions, or you have a small company of two-three people? Do you prefer a special woody smell and taste?

The Difference Between Barbecue And Brazier

Sometimes we give wrong names to devices just because they have similar roles and features. But the barbecue from Robert Days and the brazier have a few important differences. Although they both are meant to cook over the open fire and not in the house, some technical moments help to distinguish one from another.

The brazier has no grill and cap (there is absolutely no covering, so the food is heated only from the bottom side). As a result, you won’t get this yummy print on a steak or vegetables. No grill effect can be expected. Furthermore, the cooking technique is different. You require more skills to work with braziers, as it’s really easy to miss the right moment and forget to turn over skewers. In the end, you will get only one-side-cooked meat.

Fortunately, we have lots of variants to choose from, so determine your requirements and be sure your holiday will be perfect with Robert Days!