For those who have not forgotten how to dream and build something new. Who wants to overcome all the conventions and barriers of reality, creating their own. It is for you that Asus has developed a new, unlike anything, ROG Phone 5s Pro smartphone – it’s available at Mobile Phone Direct! It is especially relevant for gamers who like to enjoy the game process. After all, the moment when smartphones will become the main platform for games is not far off!

What About Main Features?

This smartphone is designed specifically to play without compromise and looking back. The fact that the gadget can overheat and FPS drop. It opens up new opportunities not only for ordinary people who like to play sometimes, but also for pros. The smartphone calmly “drags” the heaviest games that have been developed or imported for mobile devices. Asus ROG Phone 5s Pro runs the most demanding graphical applications with absolutely no strain. This may be relevant for designers, architects and artists who work with visuals. Perfect for people who use several applications at the same time – with such characteristics, it does not lag. You can get it at Mobile Phone Direct per the best price.

The gadget is based on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ 5G mobile platform. It is complemented by a high-speed display – 144 Hz / 1 ms. and responsive touch interface – 360Hz polling rate. The whole structure is powered by a huge capacity 6000 mAh battery 1. Naturally, for the game, there are convenient AirTrigger 5 controllers and the iconic GameFX audio system. ROG Phone 5s Pro is a next generation smartphone. Especially for those who want to play games, watch movies and be constantly connected without worrying that the battery will run out quickly.

ROG Vision – a unique colour dot matrix display on the back of the smartphone – is a bold novelty. It emphasizes the creative spirit of the developers of this model. ROG Vision displays various interesting animations to show if the Phone 5s Pro is charging. Displays the presence of incoming calls, whether X mode is enabled, and more. It is possible to create your own animations. This allows you to create an absolutely unique, nothing like phone. ROG Phone 5s Pro pushes creativity, your own unique style!

Any News For Gamers?

For gamers who fight in PvP arenas, ROG Phone 5s Pro is a guarantee that they will not lose the battle due to late response, poor signal reception or freezing. This is all thanks to the increased clock frequency to 3 GHz, the processor has become a lot faster. 25%. A variety of preset profiles and customizable settings in the Armory Crate app let you instantly adapt your ROG Phone 5s Pro to the task at hand.

The GameCool 5 cooling system implemented in the ROG Phone 5s Pro smartphone includes a vapor chamber and large graphite plates. They help distribute heat evenly inside the device. For the same purpose, the processor chip is placed in the centre. On the sides of it is a battery divided into two sections. Read more about the model at Mobile Phone Direct.

The included AeroActive Cooler 5 external cooler sends a powerful stream of cooling air right to the center of the smartphone. This helps cool down the CPU and lower the chip temperature by as much as 10 °C!

The ROG Phone 5s Pro smartphone uses a triple camera system. It is able to provide high quality shooting in any conditions. The main wide-angle camera, based on the flagship 64-megapixel Sony IMX 686 sensor, is accompanied by a 13-megapixel camera with an ultra-wide lens and a macro camera. All this is complemented by software optimizations. For example, a professional film mode with special features designed to improve the quality of recorded videos. For taking selfies and streaming, there is a front camera with a resolution of 24 MP.

Of course, this smartphone is primarily a gaming one, and this is what it is designed for. If you like shooting or taking photos, then the ROG Phone 5s Pro is hardly your choice. And in the rest – it surpasses the flagships of the current generation in terms of survivability and performance. Get a discount at Mobile Phone Direct!