Three is always interested in new products that hit the shelves of our online store. So here: today we are reviewing a new device from Motorola called Moto Edge 30 Pro. This is the direct successor to the Edge 20 Pro, which was introduced relatively recently. But the company decided to roll out its new flagship now. Well, let’s take a closer look at the smartphone. Go!

Motorola’s new flagship turned out to be more expensive than expected. However, this fact does not take away from it, the current top-end chipset. A high-quality case with a matte finish and an excellent high-resolution front camera. These specs were enough to get Three interested in the Edge 30 Pro.

Motorola Edge 30 Pro has fixed some shortcomings of its predecessor. He also received stereo speakers, wireless charging and stylus compatibility. At the same time, the manufacturer took away the periscope lens from the smartphone. There was only digital zoom instead of optical. However, according to Motorola, the quality and resolution of the photosensor has increased many times over. Therefore, complex optics for high-quality approximation is no longer needed.

Design and features

The back panel of the smartphone is made of frosted glass, which shimmers in different colors depending on the angle of incidence of light. This trick not only made the appearance of the device very attractive, but also made it possible to completely hide fingerprints on the surface. According to Three, this will make life easier for perfectionists.

The smartphone is available in Cosmos Blue and Stardust White colors: the former plays in blue-green hues, and the latter in gray-white. The body of the device is of good quality. All parts fit snugly and without gaps or finger joints. The front panel of the phone is covered with Gorilla Glass 3. The screen size is 6.7 inches. The weight of the gadget is 196 grams. We can say that the Edge 30 Pro feels heavy, but pleasant.


In the Three store, UK customers can purchase a model with 256 GB of internal memory and 12 GB of RAM. Available in 8/128 GB and 12/512 GB versions.

Like the Edge 20 Pro, the bottom of the smartphone has a USB Type-C port with USB 3.1 and DisplayPort 1.4 support. As before, there is no audio jack, which means you will have to use either a USB Type-C headset or an adapter from USB Type-C to headphones.

The smartphone supports Bluetooth 5.2 and NFC, and also has a total of three microphones.


By default, Android 12 is installed on the device. It supports the choice of interface font, color schemes, and other features. The new OS version also has an approximate location for applications. There is an analysis of the security level of Scan programs for granted permissions. Motorola will release security updates for three years. The company guarantees two updates for the Android version.

Three notes, Motorola’s interface is almost pure Android. The only thing that reminds you of belonging to the brand is the Moto and Ready For apps. They are responsible for corporate functions. There is only one third-party application in the firmware – Facebook.

The smartphone supports DRM L1. It is capable of playing copyrighted video in HD resolution.

Connecting to a computer is easy and simple. Image output to a TV or monitor is possible via Chromecast, Miracast and via a USB Type-C cable. However, Motorola didn’t stop there. The company implemented the extended Ready For functionality. In fact, this is the transformation of a smartphone into a kind of desktop PC. You can connect a mouse and keyboard, even via Bluetooth. It is also possible to use the smartphone screen as a touchpad. At the same time, to carry out two-way file exchange between, for example, a laptop and a phone.


Since the Edge 20 Pro, Motorola has decided to significantly change the camera set of the device. The 108MP sensor is gone, as is the 8MP sensor with a periscope lens. They were replaced with two 50-megapixel photosensors with support for seamless zoom. They received standard and wide-angle optics. There’s also optical stabilization that the Motorola Edge 20 Pro didn’t have.

If you’re looking for a positive smartphone experience, Three recommends the Motorola Moto Edge 30 Pro. This is the best option for your money. It has everything you need for relevant work and play.