There are many purifiers with various filters and additional functions on the market for climate technology. They include: ionization, aromatization, ozonation, air humidification. In order not to get confused and choose the right air purifier, answer these questions:

  • Where will the air cleaner be used? Air purifiers are used at industrial facilities, production, in an apartment, a car. From cigarette smog, smoke and even in the refrigerator from an unpleasant smell.
  • What is the quadrature of an apartment, house or industrial facility? The power of the purifier, the presence of additional filters, functions directly depends on the area of ​​​​the room. For small spaces, compact portable cleaners can be used. They connect to an outlet or to a power bank via a USB cable. For example, the Dyson PH01 mini air purifier, Dyson PH 02 Pure Humidify + Cool or Dyson Pure Cool Me.
  • How often do you need a cleaner? If you need to use it often or even around the clock, then pay attention to the power and energy consumption.
  • Where to put the air purifier? Air purifiers are floor, desktop, there are models with a wall mount.
  • Also, it is necessary to provide air circulation in the place of installation. Therefore, the corners of the room are not the best solution.
  • Why do you need a purifier? Dust, toxic substances, cigarette smoke. All these troubles can be eliminated with the help of an air filtration device. The higher the degree of cleaning, the better the room is cleaned of dust, allergens and other contaminants. For example, Dyson Pure Cool Link TP02 eliminates all toxins, gases, allergens, viruses and bacteria thanks to a unique system. A special pride of the manufacturer is the HEPA filter of the second generation.

Filter Types

By efficiency, filters are divided into classes of the degree of air purification:

  • Rough;
  • Thin;
  • Highly efficient.

Most air cleaners use multiple filters.


The pre-filter retains large microparticles up to 10 microns – fluff, pet hair, dust. Protects other filters. It must be cleaned and washed, with constant use of the cleaner, it is advisable to change the prefilter after 6 months.

Photocatalytic Filter

Ultraviolet with a catalyst – components of a photocatalytic filter. Ultraviolet rays disinfect the air from ARVI pathogens, mold, eliminate unpleasant odors, and decompose toxic substances. Air purifiers with a photocatalytic filter are quite popular due to their wide spectrum of action. Pollution is completely decomposed and does not accumulate anywhere. Therefore, you only need to change the UV lamp every six months or a year. The effectiveness of the destruction of viruses and bacteria 99.9%!

Carbon Filter

The adsorbent absorbs smoke, unpleasant animal odors. Also, cooking odors from the kitchen, mildew smells, toxic substances. After 4-6 months of air purification in this way, it is necessary to change the filter. It is not recommended to operate the air cleaner without filter replacement. It will pollute the air even more.

Electrostatic Filter

Thin polypropylene fibers with microscopic holes trap dirt up to 1 micron. With the help of an electric discharge, the filter easily attracts dust. For high-quality cleaning of a dusty room, you should choose a HEPA filter. Electrostatic tends to get dirty. It needs to be changed more often.

HEPA Filter

The most efficient filter, captures 99% of microparticles ranging in size from 0.03 to 1 micron. HEPA air purifiers clean the room from viruses, microbes, fungal spores, epithelial microparticles. Dyson HEPA filtered air purifiers are the best choice for office, medical and home environments.

According to WAO – the World Allergy Organization – more and more people suffer from allergies. In some countries, the figure reaches 40% of the population.

In the presence of respiratory diseases, you need to pay attention to air purifiers with a HEPA filter from Dyson. They eliminate the sources of allergies by capturing the smallest particles of dust. They form around a large number of ions that remove allergens from the air. Drop allergens onto flat surfaces. Ionization also has a positive effect on the quality of sleep. The Dyson air purifier is stylish and compact. It can be used not only at home, in the office, but also on the way to work in the car.

Each air purifier has its own benefits, the main reasons for purchasing it are to improve the quality of life, performance and health.