All of us have long been accustomed to good smartphones. Naturally, the desire to have only the best gadget. But few people think that the middle segment of devices has approximately the same characteristics. They put modern displays, and on board advanced chipsets. They are protected in much the same way as their older brothers. In this article, Three will break down ten reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G. Not only is it in no way inferior to the leading flagships, it also has a much lower price. Well, let’s go!

1. Display

Formally, this is still the same Super AMOLED as in the previous model. It even “removed” support for HDR10 + and Dolby Vision. In reality, the screen displays the picture much better. Colors are brighter and clearer, ringing. This is clearly visible when you take pictures or watch pictures, videos. 120Hz support, brightness up to 800 nits. A lot of additional settings and intelligent adaptive backlighting. She came from flagships to the mass segment. In a word, Three insists, the screen model is excellent. Will please everyone who wants to get a high-quality display. It is the screen that largely determines the perception of the device.

2. Senior models design

Three notes: A53 has a recognizable image. It resembles the previous model – A 52. And there is nothing wrong with that. Especially considering the similarity with the S 21 Fan Edition 5G. The color of the phone, of course, is everyone’s business. But, as Three points out, more conservative colors are the most popular. This requires a strict and minimalistic design. In general, it looks very stylish and unobtrusive.

3. IP67 water resistant

We are used to the fact that the flagships are protected from water. In the middle segment, Samsung shows that it has also become the norm. Not everyone has realized this yet. Competitors, as a rule, do not offer a similar standard, which immediately distinguishes the A53. Therefore, you can safely take it with you to the pool, to the beach or to the bathroom. Moreover, many people like to watch videos when brushing their teeth or taking a shower.

4. stereo speakers

Three marks a fairly large screen. It’s great for watching videos. So, here we need loud and clear stereo speakers. They are present in the device. It can also be used as a small speaker. Turn on the streaming service and listen to your favorite tunes. In a word, everything is in order with the sound.

5. 5 nm processor and high power modem

In its price segment, the Galaxy A53 is one of the first (and few) smartphones with a 5nm processor (Exynos 1280). Due to this, he receives a number of advantages. And energy consumption in most tasks is low. This allowed Samsung to realize the high power of the modem. It provides reception in places where other gadgets do not work.

6. Cameras and their quality

Three highlights a very good set of cameras with good shooting quality. For its price segment, the Galaxy A53 is very good. There is no telephoto module (x2 – digital zoom only). But the presence of a macro, wide-angle module makes different shooting options possible. There is optical stabilization. And good processing algorithms distinguish the model from other competitors.

7. OneUI and Android update four years

Samsung, starting in 2022, is no longer offering three years of guaranteed updates, but four. That is, you can get four more versions of Android for this model (consider OneUI versions). Plus, additional security patches will be updated. This distinguishes the gadget in the entire smartphone market in this segment. Constant updating is very important against the background of a rapid change in data transfer algorithms.

Three recommends the Samsung A53 as a model that meets the most important criterion – price-quality. Summary: made of quality materials, has an excellent design. Iron and protection – meets all modern standards. Great model for your money.